Android in May 2011: Gingerbread more than doubles

02 June, 2011
We just got the updated Android platform version distribution chart and it shows that the latest smartphone edition of the Google OS is gaining momentum. Android 2.3 and 2.3.3 Gingerbread...

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  • k

how can i update my samsung galaxy ace from froyo to gingerbread??????????????

  • HTC HD2 Froyo user

Agreed, custom roms in fact are sure not counted especially the tens or 100s of 1000s like me enjoying Froyo HTC DESIRE HD custom rom on the legendry HTC LEO HD2 which was a Win6.5 device(huh?). I didn't see yet a beauty or enjoyed an experiance better than the FROYO HTC DESIRE HD flavor on HD2 (I use one called Rafdroid). I will not go to Gingerbread until I really see a sensible reason - not expected to be soon.

  • AnonD-123

I'm pretty happy with Froyo on my HTC Desire Z. I'm not really anxious to get Gingerbread. So far, not having Gingerbread on my phone is not an issue. After some bad experiences with a previous Google Maps upgrade, I'm a bit wary about upgrading anything if I don't see a significant benefit to risk causing my phone to become unstable.

  • abhi

the nexus one, nexus s and all phones running cyanogenmod7 nightlies
have 2.3.4

  • zviki

k9plums, 02 Jun 2011I wonder if this includes people who have loaded custom roms or ... moreMe too.

  • jsikaffy

And It still has not grown more because some of the phone companies like Vodafone are releasing the update country by country here in europe. the update has been up since middles of may and here in spain we have not got the update yet. We are still waiting for it to be released.

  • me, myself and I

Well i hope they address the high android os and battery drain issue before this large percentage of people becomes a large number of unhappy customers with phones that can't even make a day on standby

  • Anonymous

well im running 2.3.4 Gingerbread

  • fakuryu

Hopefully LG will release the promised 2.3 update for the Optimus 1 anytime soon.

  • HAPS

well i hope gingerbread os is way advance then its froyo

  • k9plums

I wonder if this includes people who have loaded custom roms or weather its just the version your phone is supposed to have on it