HTC is developing a U11 Life under the Android One program

13 September 2017
The phone also appears in an image on Twitter, revealing the design.

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  • Kirk

Looks like we have a winner for the largest bezels of 2017, blew sony out of the water.
but look at all these kids complaining... theres pros and cons in the bezel games, its
good to have a little variety, ya kants...

  • awsumname

the ugliest phone in the year. HTC what have u done.... i'm used to be your fans.. but you keep doing this kind of things to hurt us... OH MY EYES... its burn... look at that huge bezel and chin. HTC are u still living in year 2007?

  • Vic

Such an ugly phone with huge bezels and no 3.5 mm jack. HTC management sees the cause of company failing not in themselves and idiotic decisions they make but in customers, market, critics etc. Thinking like that - they would better close the business right away not to waste investor's money.

  • Noel

Seriously HTC design team should be ashamed putting up a phone with such huge bezels in 2017 be it a budget device or not. Many of us have been on HTC's case for their humongous bezels for years. It now seem certain they will go down CLINGING to those HUMONGOUS BEZELS like a life raft. It is really a shame to see all these huge bezel phones from a Company that i held in very high regards...even no name Chinese OEMs are making decent bezel-less phones with huge batteries and cost less.
I hope the rumors are true..Google pls pls buy HTC and get a new progressive design team.

  • Anonymous

Izzylover, 13 Sep 2017I don't understand what everyone is crying about the bezels... moreIzzy, I do not remember about screen area value of U Ultra.
There was a comparison between U Ultra, Nexus 6p and G6.
Nexus 6p with 5.7 16:9 has bigger screen area than G6.
Difference is a square 2cm x 2 cm.

Probably G4 has bigger screen too. G5 maybe.

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 13 Sep 2017I hope the Gorilla Glass on this phone is tougher than the ... morePhones with 630 cost more than 400.
Z2 Play, Zenfone4

  • AnonD-680481

Izzylover, 13 Sep 2017I don't understand what everyone is crying about the bezels... moreThe U Ultra's screen has a larger area that's why it seems bigger

  • AnonD-632062

Android One is nice. But a phone without a 3.5 mm headphone jack is not. I hope HTC understands this.

  • AnonD-696124

That is one ugly a$$ smartphone.
what the hell are you doing htc?

  • AnonD-691126

This is nice, but stock Android should be used on Android One. I'm waiting for HTC 12, and please use that name as the next flagship.

  • Anonymous

biggest bottom bezels I ever see in the history of new smartphones.

  • Anonymous

Stock with a Sense skin? No. This is not ok.

  • AnonD-428442

WTF with that huge bottom bezel? This is 2017. Even cheap Chinese phones have less bezel. The Mi A1 looks better every minute.

  • AnonD-698239

Can't see htc going with a 6XX chip in a mid range phone. And knowing htc their mid range too will be pricey. Moto x4 is also coming under android one. That would be interesting.

  • AnonD-510098

Love the Community, 13 Sep 2017Not really. Android One is usually focused on low to midran... moreWell they need to make an android one version of a flagship or something

OMG, those bezels seems a bit exaggerated. It seems that they come from a retrospective period.

  • Love the Community

AnonD-510098, 13 Sep 2017Is it a requirement for Android One phones to have big beze... moreNot really. Android One is usually focused on low to midrange phones just like that similar initiative almost a decade ago. Those kinds of phones doesn't deserve high risk premiums like bezelless designs.

  • AnonD-510098

Is it a requirement for Android One phones to have big bezels or something?!

  • Anonymous

Sadly actual htc flagships bends too easily and I usually wear my phones in my jeans. I don't want that expensive risk.

  • Izzylover

I don't understand what everyone is crying about the bezels. I just traded my G6 for an HTC U Ultra and it's so much more worth the money. I don't like phones with small bezels and narrow 18:9 aspect ratios. U Ultra and G6 are both 5.7 inch but the Ultra seems so much bigger it's strange. The display is much wider too. Just watch a youtube comparison. HTC is a very good phone maker, they made the U11 which is 'quietly' even better than S8 and iPhone 7 with camera performance and speed too.