Essential Phone gets Oreo within two months, high-end audio accessory with 3.5mm jack coming too

14 September 2017
The second accessory (following the 360-degree camera) to be available will be the charging dock.

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  • AnonD-632659

So how come other manufacturers don't have a space problem with putting in the 3.5mm jack? Essential's explanation doesn't make sense since the DAC is integrated with the CPU and there's only a bit of extra circuitry involved. So why do they claim to need so much space?

  • AnonD-696124

For me a headphone jack is a must. Everyday i watch some kind of animes on my phone and listen to music very often. So a Oneplus 5 was a way to go for me.

  • Anonymous

This is pity ESSENTIAL phone elements now became accessory.

  • Anonymous

So 3.5mm jack has become accessory? Later battery gonna sell separate from phone..

  • Anonymous

.alpha, 15 Sep 2017Why wait 2 months when this phone is running stock Android?... moreYeah that's not how it works

  • .alpha

Why wait 2 months when this phone is running stock Android? There is nothing you need to do, it is just copy and paste file from Google.

  • Anonymous

ZloiYuri, 15 Sep 2017Absolutely the same we can say about "nokia" 8Backed by 500 million dollars over a period of 3 years. Released 8 phones including 4 smartphones all over the world. Is not even 1 yr old. Has been constantly delievering updates. Camera is among the best. Costs less. Has sd card, headphone jack, a beutiful design. Hmmm.....quite a close comparison.

  • Anonymous

where is andy rubin now

  • AnonD-604734

AnonD-691126, 15 Sep 2017They wanted to remove the headphone jack because it's just ... moreYes the dac will be overpriced

  • AnonD-691126

They wanted to remove the headphone jack because it's just oh so trendy to remove features from smartphones, and the public eats them up. It has happened so many times. I accept them as trade-offs for the innovations they bring(such as waterproofing, UFS, or "digital audio"), although I personally am using a device with such axed features.

The Essential Phone is not my favorite phone for various reasons, but I am not in the market for such device anyway. Even if the device not having a removable battery, or SD card slot, the phone doesn't have features that would give credence to the lack of end user operability, such as waterproofing, or an OLED screen. The headphone jack for me is an either-or, because it would practically it is good, but for audio fanatics that dismiss the onboard DAC they would use their own USB DAC, or just buy a phone with a premium DAC, like the V30.

I do not like the look of the Essential Phone because the design team were not consistent in their boldness, or quirkiness; was the camera blocking the screen necessary when the phone has a healthy-sized bezel perfect for the camera? Maybe Essential wasn't thinking outside the candy-bar form factor of the device;if their wasn't enough room for the headphone jack vertically, why not place it horizontially?

I am looking forward to this dongle, but I have fears that a $30 DAC would be better in all regards.

I don't believe the VP of Design

  • Anonymous

AnonD-604734, 15 Sep 2017I can see that but I don't this approach. You should have a... moreI'm not so sure. A bezel at the bottom serves an ergonomic purpose: if the buttons are too low it's hard to reach your thumb down to them unless you hold the phone resting along your fingers (not good if you are walking), so a bit at the bottom can be useful. At the top they have fitted all of the things you mentioned in, but they made a design decision to bring the screen right up to the top with just the camera intruding rather than put a black bar thick enough to contain the camera right across the top. You may disagree with that decision, but it's the choice they made and I can see that it has more visual impact.

  • JMTM

Anonymous321, 15 Sep 2017Another typical android thing, just copy the iPhone x designyou kidding? PH-1 came out before iPhone X announced
Also iPhone X's front is not something anyone would copy lol
Mi Mix 2 / V30 / S8 / S8+ .... why would anyone copy iPhone X's front?

  • AnonD-604734

Anonymous321, 15 Sep 2017Another typical android thing, just copy the iPhone x designWhat is wrong with you? This phone was announced long before iPhone x

And I am still waiting for review

  • ZloiYuri

JMTM, 15 Sep 2017backed by billion dollars not able to release ONE phone on... moreAbsolutely the same we can say about "nokia" 8

Another typical android thing, just copy the iPhone x design

  • hanublr

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2017For me, it's useless removing the bezels at all. Like the h... moreagree, i dont understand why even1 wants to follow apple ? wat will bazelless help user ?, actually the screen will be more porn to damage and big in the user pocket. companies are just following something blind, if some x company does, then all will follow w/o any though here.

  • JMTM

backed by billion dollars
not able to release ONE phone on time
the only app they created inside the phone 'camera', not working properly
despite the phone is very close to pure android, it will be taking a couple months
to upgrade to OREO

I feel bad for those who paid $700 for this crap

AnonD-234961, 15 Sep 2017Since you need a phone to be as small as possible, and the ... moreHave fun dropping your bezelless phone!