Essential PH-1 now officially supported on Verizon

16 September 2017
Andy Rubin has confirmed the news on Twitter.

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  • AnonD-90109

TechLover1, 17 Sep 2017First of all, I compared the Essential PH-1 with the other ... moreMy PH1 is smooth as butter and fast, no issues here, it is also IP54 certified, reason for no IP68 certification is do to the materials used "Titanium & Ceramic" not cheap all glass and aluminum, you want one of those devices you have plenty of cheap Korean/Chinese phones to choose from.
Essential PH-1 scores

AnonD-90109, 16 Sep 2017What lack of brightness are you taking about, also the PH1 ... moreFirst of all, I compared the Essential PH-1 with the other flagships (S8 duo, Note 8, V30, U11 and so on), and not with mid-rangers or so. Because price, etc., compared (more or less) that what it is. So, by mentioning its brightness, I didn't meant that its display is pitch black (obviously exaggeration), but just that compared to the other flagships (Note 8, V30,...), mostly in direct sunlight, it has less nits than them. So basically that's why I mentioned its brightness (hopefully I'm clear enough now).

Regarding Verizon, I was referring to the official statement, etc.
And regarding its lacks, I was referring to the: lack of SD card slot, lack of 3.5mm jack, lack of
IP68 certification (dust/water proofing), lack of wireless charging, etc. Plus, the cam/s are not at parallel level with those of the Note 8, V30, U11, etc. And even other things, such as- software polishing/smoothness/speed, etc. So basically that what I meant with my comment. So hopefully now I'm a bit more clear at least, right?. Moreover, I even said that I support the company anyway (to mean that the company deserves more time to prove its potentials).

  • AnonD-90109

TechLover1, 16 Sep 2017Generally speaking, it's a good news. Mostly for the compan... moreWhat lack of brightness are you taking about, also the PH1 worked just fine on Verizon before the official certification.

  • JMTM

Hey Andy!
Tell us how many units you guys have sold so far lol?

  • AnonD-691126

It is great news that this phone works with Verizon. Always remember 4G LTE is GSM technology so if you bought a GSM only phone by accident, you may be able to use it with 4G LTE.

Rubin will have tough news ahead, as Verizon is retiring their CDMA next year.

Generally speaking, it's a good news. Mostly for the company and the elegible customers. Although the critics against the Essential PH-1 are quite considerable, due to a lot of lacks, brightness and so on. But even all that, I wish luck to the company anyway. For different reasons, such as: I absolutely believe that the the more competition the better, and not the less. Also, that as an idea/aesthetics it is quite modern. Plus, in fact because it is new in the ultra tough world/market of mobiles (the phone, and definitely not Rubin), it absolutely deserves some more time to see its potential (obviously if any). Though, it is a bit expensive too, compared to the mega competition. But eventually we'll see.