Huawei G10 appears in live images

18 September 2017
The images confirm what we already knew about the new phone.

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  • AnonD-307870

AnonD-663385, 19 Sep 2017Please for every company DO ERASE that fake black bezels su... moreI actually like those bezels, but only the thin ones.

  • AnonD-663385

Please for every company DO ERASE that fake black bezels surrounding the screen if not just make it full black front, idk i just find it distracting the front aesthetic

  • ivelinkata

LG G2 1:1

  • Anonymous

Its good for hotel employees

  • AnonD-628531

When did Huawei change their logo???

  • Hi

Release this phone in India as 7x with dual Sim with dedicated micro SD card....

  • AnonD-234961

A good step forward. I hate bezels.

  • SZTadir

18:9 aspect ratio is growing....what a disappoint!!!

  • rich watarious

A good move 18:9 aspect ratio in midrange phone. Please huawei do more of that in the midrange segment just as you have started. We are waiting for the Honor 7X in real bezel-less design. This one is not bezel-less design but ok. Good move. Honor 10 2018 will be crazily brutal. We wait to see.

Yes, as a mid-ranger, it's not bad (but, hopefully its price will be very competitive).

  • AnonD-640930

Seems like the design and 5.9" display are confirmed via poster