iOS 11, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 now available for download

19 September 2017
iOS 11 is the biggest update to the iPad yet. watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 bring further polish and refinement.

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  • mirost1

This is a big and beautiful update, i love the look and feel, but the battery ends faster than before. They need to fix it

  • AnonD-600584

How is iOS 11 for iPhone 6 Plus?

  • AnonD-147910

AnonD-702175, 21 Sep 2017after I've updated my iPhone 6 the auto brightness in the setti... moreIt is in the accessibility settings

  • Anonymous

My iPhone 5S now has battery issues ever since the new update!! :O it was on 21% I charge it for an hour goes to 53% then i come back while its still on charge see it on 40% wtf? plus it was on flight mode with everything turned off. I had to go out and my battery lied maybe an hour later by doing the normal texting.. Before doing the update I use to have to charge my phone every second day.. now i dont even know what im going to do.. ARGH!

  • AnonD-702175

after I've updated my iPhone 6 the auto brightness in the setting section was gone.

  • Anonymous

iphone 6s Plus, 20 Sep 2017Wifi connection bug, it itself turns on, fix it...I think your answer is this:On iOS 11 you can’t turn off wifi from control center!!!

  • AnonD-542476


turn off siri and restart your device.

  • iphone 6s Plus

Wifi connection bug, it itself turns on, fix it...

  • Mike

This update is killing my battery!!!

  • unanimous

IOS 11 is battery hungry.. they need a fix for this soon. though i love the new icons and control center, especially the "wink wink" screen recording "wink wink"...

  • AnonD-701964

Hi, do you know why after i updated to ios 11, there's a circle beside the 4G or wifi logo, it keep turning and hasn't stop until now? Anyone has the same issue like me? or anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

still waiting for good signal to update mine :(

Always appreciate that apple offers day 1 update to all compatible devices.

  • SamX

still has bugs and lag on my SE, probably due to the animation, but works fine on my 7, overall make an iphone feels new because of the new OS interaction.

  • Jeanduc

So basically the ipad will be like a laptop in the future because now if it has a file manager is because they will let you check the files of the device and if you put a keyboard to the ipad it its like a portable computer+ file manager

Just updated my IPhone 7 plus. Control center looks cool. Don't like the font overall. Looks like they made the font bold.

Portrait mode is better. It is now comparable to my Note 8.

  • Anonymous

I just got the update. Excited. 2.03GB i7+ 256GB

  • martan

You are wrong. MacOS will be updated on 25th. That was stated on the stage.