BlackBerry Torch 2 previewed before announcement, liked

05 June, 2011
The BlackBerry Torch 2 has leaked again, this time in a big way - a pre-release unit was put through a whole preview. The preview confirms the positive impressions of people who have played with the...

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  • AnonD-10707

The portrait slider allows for one-handed operation. Try typing on a landscape slider physical keyboard with one thumb and you'll be dropping your phone. A lot. One of the key usability advantages of the Blackberry form factor is the single handed keyboard, and the touchpad for navigating with out the finger-twister of trying to touch items at the top of the touch screen. So, please let me have a Torch 2 soon!

  • Telebrokers

Should have considered a horizontal keypad, (sidekick) as opposed to the conventional vertical option keypad they still stayed with.

  • epicfail qoutes

anyone who complains about a phone not having dual core should check how many phone out there actually supply dual core.

  • Phone Geek

AnonD-8044, 05 Jun 2011You say buggest device ive seen..?? Do you mean buggiest and ... moreI did. I had high hopes for it, I also work at a mobile retail store and the only phone i see come in for repairs more is the BB8520 (urgh). the Bold is a much better device in my opinion.

  • Roark

Come hell or high water I am getting this BB Torch 2. but please launch it in White too.

  • Anonymous

This is going to be awesome. I am using the Torch now and the hardware limitation is slowing down the application. My only hope is the Torch 2 will have doubled Battery Life as well.

  • Cloud

The Torch is one of the buggiest smartphones. I owned one and at first it was cool(I had switched from iPhone 4) but once I got to know it a little better it was a pretty awful phone. The 624MHz processor flat out doesn't cut it, the camera was decent but not quite on par, some things were simply unexplainably stupid(like having to restart your phone every time you install an app), the OS had serious issues, and mixed with the processor made this phone a hassle to use. I'd give it about a 4/10, and again, I did own one. I switched back to iPhone 4 after 28 days, 2 days away from the Torch not being returnable.

  • drumme

we do not need the torch RIM!!! we need storm 3. querty keyboard and torh at the same time is kinda bulshit for me and my friends. we need a full torch screen phone.

  • AnonD-8044

Phone Geek, 05 Jun 2011the torch was the buggest device ive ever seen, RIM still have a... moreYou say buggest device ive seen..??

Do you mean buggiest and did you actually own one.

  • santosh

Its very nice phone and os 7 is most imp part of this phon& u can't compare other os like symbian andorid

  • aami

good job by blackberry

  • AnonD-10187

I would like to see this form factor on an Android device.

  • Ted

omg no dual core fail

  • Phone Geek

Bricked, 05 Jun 2011The Torch was one of the best devices of last year (overshadowed... morethe torch was the buggest device ive ever seen, RIM still have a way to go before they get their touchscreen down properly, yes on paper its a decent device, but we dont live of off stats. Hopefully all these boosts dont overlook the silly faults RIM left on the first torch.

  • Bricked

The Torch was one of the best devices of last year (overshadowed by everyones Android and Apple fixation)

I hope the new Torch gets the recognition it deserves. (wonder who will be the first to say "OMG NO DUAL CORE FAIL"

  • AnonD-8044

Yes i love it,very good but come on RIM you have to get these devices OUT.Why not do what we do at work and do a blitz.What happens is the whole squad join forces and go full power for a whole week to get stuff bang up to date.In other blitz through these smartfones and get them on the bloody shelves.

Its no good faffing around with silly leakks and pre production software get the whole company in for a week and blitz your way through the problems.There is far to much fannying about while your company goes down the pan...

I mean what do you do all day??? the shapes the same as old torch plus some improvements.For goodness sake its the same with Nokia getting their stuff out what the hell are your company doing all day.????????????????????????????????????????????­???????????????????

  • Anonymous

Nice specs,and the phone looks great