Samsung's Bixby digital assistant now available in India

23 September 2017
The company says the assistant features support for various Indian accents.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-696542, 23 Sep 2017Siri can't imagine what bixby is capable of . After using S... moreI agree with you, stupid American media unnecessarily criticized bixby. I have a sister with disabilities. Thanks to bixby she is finally able to change settings just with voice . I was planning to buy an iphone for her but your comment made me realize siri cant do much with hardware or settings. If bixby can do Indian languages, not just accent for english. Then it would be awesome.

  • Long way to go

Bixby is quite dumb for now in India. I used it earlier in the US versions S8 Plus and found it to be good, but on the Indian Note 8 it is doing nothing other than to give error messages or send you to Bing results.

I have done a comparison here:

  • AnonD-696542

laggdroids, 23 Sep 2017who cares!!! Siri is much more intellectual than Bixby...or... moreSiri can't imagine what bixby is capable of . After using Siri for years now I'm using Bixby since a month and it's far more integrated, it can take even the most complex commands and do things which could only be done by a user on other devices, give it complex commands, it'll open the open, go as deep as you want and do the task. Instead of the limited functionalities of most assistants, it has the capability to dig deep into each app and do the tasks where user interaction was must till now, it can even do things not available in most assistants like changing settings inside apps, turning off phone, rebooting in safe mode and has the capability to learn your commands even, you can teach it to do certain things when you say you can set it to set alarm for Monday to Thursday for 6am by just saying 'alarm days' or anything you choose. The best thing is you still get Google assistant for to web specific smart things only Google can do. Siri is seriously an underdog now.

  • AnonD-345931

Boybawang, 23 Sep 2017what about a Bixby that replies in Indian accent too? It wo... moreThere ARE options for that. I personally tried it. But it was on S-voice I believe. Same can be done for google now.

who cares!!! Siri is much more intellectual than Bixby...or you can can Siri is the father of Bixby that Bixby can do what Siri can do

  • Boybawang

what about a Bixby that replies in Indian accent too? It would be funny.

Thanks Samsung for including support for Indian accents, i hope that their claims are really true.

  • AnonD-632062

Namaste Bixby.

Already something (at least). Eventually, gradually and progressively it will be holistically finalized (hopefully, haha).

  • AnonD-29224

For somebody who had bixby disabled using the package disabler since launch, bixby voice is actually more useful than I thought. I'm actually using it now and it isn't so bad!