Windows-powered HP Elite x3 will reportedly be discontinued in November

25 September 2017
One of the last Windows 10 Mobile devices to be announced, it could also prove to be THE last.

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  • Olgierd

I have used Samsung galaxy s plus, blackberry, LG G2, LG G3, Nokia Lumia 925 and now Nokia Lumia 930 and windows 10 mobile is by far the best, most stable, energy efficient and fastest system I have used....
Very fast, no shutdowns, sports tracking possible for 12 hours on 1 charge.... Superb camera and overall quality with nokia 930..... Sorry to hear they will be gone.

  • AnonD-632062

"The Elite x3 lived the dream"?!

I think it was more like a nightmare for poor HP to be stuck in a ship (Windows 10 Mobile) which was already abandoned by it's captain (Microsoft)!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-514012, 26 Sep 2017Gates just said that he himself using an Android phone now. So t... moreYeah, not even Gates himself uses a WP-device anymore. :-D Windows is my go-to-OS for desktop, but never had interest towards the phones. In my opinion, it never felt good/natural to use Windows on a phone (in-store-tested 800, 900, 920 among some cheaper ones, when I was looking for a new phone and those were new), didn't care for the UI, so no reason to switch from Android. Same goes for iOS too, as long as Android suits me the best, I won't switch to an iPhone.

  • popcorn eater

i used to use the lumia 1020. the software was garbage. microsoft and nokia's lack of commitment to their customers ruined the game for both them.
windows phone 8 was so buggy i couldn't take it anymore and jumped over to android. i don't regret it. it's more smooth and stable.
i still have the 1020 as my point and shoot camera. it breaks my heart not having it as my everyday device.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2017Correction: ... the company went to crap after Bill Gates left. Correction:
After the Indians came in.

  • Anonymous

Hmm, 25 Sep 2017Windows is dead, just accept it and move on, the company went to... moreCorrection:
... the company went to crap after Bill Gates left.

  • Anonymous

Windows Mobile= Dead

  • AnonD-514012

Gates just said that he himself using an Android phone now. So think before you buy WP.

  • Kangal

oli, 26 Sep 2017there's a difference between you saying that the OS won't surviv... moreTrust me, that wasn't me.

I was the one trying to have a meaningful conversation, however, any point I bring up wouldn't be argued.... it would always fall back to personal attacks (iSheep, fanboy etc etc).

Which is quite ironic because I had a bias for Android, as a developer, but I also owned an iPhone and a Windows Phone.

In fact, many of the threads would have the WindowsPhone fanboys being overly vocal and bashing people, not the other way around. Android and iPhone "fanboys" were generally understandable whereas the MS supporters were numerous and overtly abusive.

There haven't been OS's much better than iOS or Android.
There has been alternatives like openWebOS, Tizen, Mer, SailfishOS, and FirefoxOS. And not to mention QNX-PlayBookOS/BBX.

The point is Windows Phone has always been a "beta". WP7/7.5 were basically an evolved Windows Mobile. Windows 8 was a hybrid. Windows 10 Mobile is the first to actually bring the same x86 kernel to ARM devices, and share the same underlying UI.
So no, Windows Phone hasn't been a great OS... whereas Windows 10 Mobile has the potential to be. But that's just it, it is POTENTIAL, and not actual realisation of that fact.

I think MS needed to have been shipping Windows 10 for PC and Windows 10 Mobile as a cohesive ecosystem way back in 2011, or at the latest mid-2012. That's when Apple started dominating the market by increasing the quality of the products and long support, and that's when Google released the fantastic revised and scalable Android ICS 4.0.3 Operating System which took the globe by force (little reason to even back an unproven alternative).

  • AnonD-656673

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2017lol!! it can never happen. It's windows which is on the right pa... more*windows'* not *windows's*

Library what? Android has bigger market, it's a bigger brand name than windows, and Fuchsia is completely different than Android in terms of codes, has no traces of Linux or Java, I'm guessing Google may not launch Fuchsia as a new os.

  • AnonD-457355

It's really quite sad to see WP dying, I moved to Android a couple of years ago but still prefer the way WP O/S worked, it's just after Microsoft bought Nokia everyone else stopped making phones for it and Nokia started making junk. The choice was limited to high end plus phones and phablets or low end crap. The Lumia 920 was still an epic phone though.

Question has to be asked now though with WP gone where will Android phones and iPhones get their new ideas now lol.

Connor, 26 Sep 2017One windows is already here. Windows on Arm is going to be supp... moreWhich part did I say that it's not here?
It's here alright... but not yet implemented.
See the difference?

Again, unless MS starts the ball rolling AND implement it, they're there at the bottom of the mobile realm.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-691126, 26 Sep 2017When I was younger, I wanted to play flash games and Max Payne i... moreBecause Intel didn't had such processors.

Intel failed more hard in mobile realm than MS did, their Atom SoC's were bad jokes from the start.

Goodbye useless Windows 10 mobile!

  • Connor

Ritzie, 26 Sep 2017Although I am hyped to see that as well, it's still yet to be pr... moreOne windows is already here.
Windows on Arm is going to be supported in the fall creators update but is already in beta builds.
Theres no official announcement but half the stuff that your saying isn't there is already there.

AnonD-691126, 26 Sep 2017When I was younger, I wanted to play flash games and Max Payne i... moreIntel were bad in mobile SoC then ... and it's very bad now.
Intel is a dinosaur, compared to ARM-based, when it comes to mobile SoC.

No thanks. I'll stick with "old" GNU/Linux for now.

AnonD-463537, 26 Sep 2017There's no need to continue with Windows Mobile, future Phones w... moreAlthough I am hyped to see that as well, it's still yet to be proven.
MS has this habit of announcing an innovation but changes it in the long run or would never implement it at all (i.e. One Windows for ALL Platforms, etc)
So, unless they get the ball rolling, their status in the mobile space will remain as it is - in the bottom.

  • Samarth N8 808 user

See, you can find USP's in iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, or even Symbian, Linux or Meego.

The problem with Windows mobile is, its nothing but an un-needed OS. Something that Microsoft promoted to destroy Nokia.
Now, all this telemetry goes to USA only, no matter which famous OS you select. No choice. No big deal either.

But the reasons to choose Windows Mobile are hardly any.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-656673, 26 Sep 2017Windows is almost dead, it's time for Google to step up and acce... morelol!! it can never happen. It's windows which is on the right path. whoever is able to converge their OS first is going to win. And Microsoft is the closest to doing so. And all those saying W10 (pc) is shit, I pity you. And fuschia!!!! When you compare Windows's libraries to that, you know you know how much behind android is.