Windows-powered HP Elite x3 will reportedly be discontinued in November

25 September 2017
One of the last Windows 10 Mobile devices to be announced, it could also prove to be THE last.

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  • AnonD-59657

My last memory that window phone has been obsoleted 3 years ago.

  • AnonD-463537

There's no need to continue with Windows Mobile, future Phones will be able to run desktop Windows soon anyways...
Will be interesting to see what happens with Android when that moment comes.

  • AnonD-99150

AnonD-656673, 26 Sep 2017Windows is almost dead, it's time for Google to step up and acce... moreHaha, no!

  • AnonD-656673

Windows is almost dead, it's time for Google to step up and accelerate Fuchsia OS they're building. Linux is old, Mac is pricey, if they can push Fuchsia_Android, a light OS that can run on anything, that'll be the next big thing.

Kangal, 25 Sep 2017The worst part is... many of us saw this coming, the writing was... moreSame thing happened to me...
They even went into arguing that this will be bought by large business groups, etc. etc.
Well, that never happened...


  • AnonD-684709

Hmm, 25 Sep 2017Windows is dead, just accept it and move on, the company went to... moreActually, Windows has always been awful. Then came Windows 8, and it went from "awful" to "just plain horrible". On the phone, in the form of Windows Phone, it was even more horrible.
Windows 10 is no bit better (despite them jumping over Windows 9 to pretend it's that much better), it's still the same crap as 8, and just the dullest knives in the drawer are deceived by it. Plus, it's a privacy nightmare.

No surprise that Windows Phone went to hell in a wicker basket, as 99% of all feeling, sentient beings would've preferred having buttseks with a warthog to using Windows Phone XD
So, year after year of getting 2-3% market share at most, they finally decided to plug the bottomless hole which is Windows Phone, in which they had shovelled countless millions, and now it's going the way of the Blackberry OS, reduced now to about 0,2%, and soon totally extinct. About high noon for this disease to die out.

  • Anonymous

Hmm, 25 Sep 2017Windows is dead, just accept it and move on, the company went to... moreBallmer left after putting the company in trouble. He wanted windows Mobile when they weren't sure how to leverage their desktop is prowess on arm chips. WiMo was ok till 8.1 then all went downstream will 10 ( surprise launch by Ballmer) Nutella is trying to leverage company using their software core(office and all) in Mobile space which is much better than adding an entire is to chips that don't have a use for it

Now, where are those fanboys who said that this is the flagship killer of its time?
Guess what... it got killed!

  • Vicky

Our greatest fear has finally arrived. A premium device that only last approximately 2 years. Difficult to trust microsoft for windows mobile as its strategies always change. Consumers are the one who will suffer the most. Most probably IOS or Android is a better choice

  • oli

Kangal, 25 Sep 2017The worst part is... many of us saw this coming, the writing was... morethere's a difference between you saying that the OS won't survive due to lack of implementation or growth, and there's a difference when you say WP10 is garbage. Most of you android and apple fan boys are so used cussing and bashing anything you don't support, that you fail to recognize anything else decent.

There have been pleanty of OS's that are way better than iOs and Android, but they lack execution. Windows is an EXTREMELY capable OS - they just didn't do enough to have it catch up and make the 5 yrs android had on them.

  • AnonD-691126

When I was younger, I wanted to play flash games and Max Payne in the palm of my hand. It's a shame Android was the first to do both of those, and not Windows. To be fair, a Windows tablet would do both, but I rarely do either today.

I think architecture would have been the best to start with. Microsoft worked hard to develop Windows on an ARM processor, when x86_64 would have been infinitely better to start with. Why Microsoft never contacted Intel to use their processors for mobiles is beyond me.

  • Toms_Jones

Hp should give android roms to those who have that phone.

  • aTrueBbLover

A full blown Window Os in a pocket friendly device would be great. MS should optimize its pc os to work better on mobile devices . The so called Andromeda os of, has this it would be a great hit

  • Bewildered

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2017MS had a good think with 8.1/denim. Since then it's been a crap ... moreYou're Right
Windows 8 was "written" with the help of Nokia staff
Windows 10 is toxic, so toxic any phone using it experienced all manner of problems

Microsoft also wanted to release the flagship Lumia 950 with W10 running out of box

W10 clearly wasn't tested, so Microsoft stopped selling ALL phones in order to not have more problems
(imagine Samsung stopped selling all phones after the NOTE 7 exploding battery)

Windows 8 works fine but is no longer supported so no updates
Windows 10 is so toxic that after 2 years it still can't be fixed, HP premium phone like all Windows 10 phone simply has issues, the most annoying is constant reboots and phone overheating

It's not the hardware ie the phone its the software
You can't up update W10 to another say surface as W10 can't be fixed

The only way is to start with Windows 8 and update that core­46&idPhone2=7262
Lumia 950 has specs matching the pixel but looks at the price difference
Factor into that you will have issues daily
In short if HP are getting out it means that Microsoft did not give assurances

Kangal, 25 Sep 2017The worst part is... many of us saw this coming, the writing was... moreI do own a lumia 950XL. I knew that it was never going to make it big nor was Microsoft going to stick with it. The whole goal from the start was to create 1 version of windows and have it run off all hardware. They talked about it all the time. Windows 10 mobile was just a step in that direction to perfect the kernel against ARm based chipsets. And the lumia 950/950xl were marketed for the fans for that exact reason. They were the test subjects to help them put that code into windows 10. I was very unpopular to mention anything like that. It's more about denial. Come on windows phone users have been in denial for years. They blame Satya Nadella for something that started YEARS ago.

in the end use whatever you like, no point arguing about what others use. The whole Android vs. iphone wars are silly too. I can always find something I like about any OS.

  • Kangal

The worst part is... many of us saw this coming, the writing was on the wall.

But whenever I would bring it up, I was called a dumb, biased, Android geek or Apple sheep.
Now, where are all those vocal Windows Phone commenters?
Did they all shuffle to HMD / Rebranded-Nokia Android forums?
Talk about double standards!

Tell you what. MS will rebrand Windows Mobile and make the same mistakes. Or somehow more.

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2017MS had a good think with 8.1/denim. Since then it's been a crap ... moreCouldn't have said it better myself. Every two years starting from the scratch when android is one large continuum..

ms cheated windows users. they should refund at least 50% money of windows phone users.

  • Anonymous

.alpha, 25 Sep 2017Satya Nadella killed MicrosoftNot really, he just got them to double down on the desktop and enterprise.

Microsoft has really made a great leap forward with the Creators Update for Windows 10. Change a few privacy settings and it is the desktop we've always wanted. Meanwhile, Apple laid off most of their macOS team and folded the rest into iOS development. The Mac Mini is 3 years old without an update and the Mac Pro is four years without one.

So Apple is moving ahead in mobile space, Microsoft is still king in the Enterprise space. In 15 years, Microsoft will be legacy like AIX or Solaris. Something the business needs to function, but nobody remembers why they need it, and nobody will have ever seen one of those wonderful machines running it (caveat: I'm an AIX and ZFS administrator).