Another leaked screen protector hints at massive bezels on the upcoming Pixel 2

30 September 2017
On the other hand, the glass cover for the Pixel 2 XL is fit for a true 2017 bezeless design.

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Anonymous, 30 Sep 2017Nope MiMix had far smaller bezels and a 4400 MaH battery. You... moreI've seen more Pixels than MiMixes... Yeah the Pixel totally didn't sell.

  • AnonD-603644

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2017Yeah, because a massive phone is very useful to your pocket and ... moreOh yeah, so very functional in the palm when you'll constantly press the screen accidentally

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introducing the bezel 2.

  • Kangal

LG superfan, 30 Sep 2017Poled is basically plastic instead with glass on top (w... moreGreat misinformation there!
You've just made someone know something that is false.

Both pOLED and SAMOLED displays are trademark names for their technologies.
They're both actually OLED-displays, and they both use an Active-Matrix layer.
It's true Samsung did use a full-glass AMLayer in their displays, but this was back in the days of the Note 2 and SGS3.

When Samsung moved to in-cell touchscreen, like Apple who did the year before, Samsung had to rid the glass in the AMLayer. Now, I'm not sure about the Galaxy S4, you will have to look it up yourself. However, the Samsung Note 3 is definitely made with a high-quality plastic component... and the screen on the Note 3 was actually significantly better than the previous flagships. Hell, its still a great quality screen where you can see its variant popping up on the OnePlus 3/3t (probably the OnePlus 5, but I haven't tested it myself).

And now, with the Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S8 variants... these are all built on a further refinement on Samsung's flexible-OLED display... which is actually identical to LG's pOLED display that you find on the LG V30.

So as a technology, V30 = Note 8.
However, that doesn't mean the quality is equivalent. Samsung is still a good amount ahead, however, LG should be commended on their high-quality alternative. I would definitely take LG's second-class OLED over IPS any day, even if its the high-quality IPS from the iPhone/Xperia devices.

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bezel-full phone hahahahahaa

Bewildered, 01 Oct 2017There are 2 companies that are trying to offer on Android what A... moreI would seriously consider the Nokia 9 if it were available today, with all it's goodies and OLED screen. My Note 4 finally died (RIP) so I'm using a cheap Revvl phone temporarily, deciding whether to get the Pixel 2 XL (or Ultra or whatever it will be called), LG V30 (current favorite), or OnePlus 5 (because it's so practical and cheap). Decision to be made in a week or two.

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I HATE how every tech sites expects every phones to have bezelless display. What happen to our choices. Get out of your fanboy zones. And y'all expect every phone to have dual cameras now too. Smh

  • Bewildered

AnonD-694030, 30 Sep 2017why Google behave like Apple!?There are 2 companies that are trying to offer on Android what Apple are doing on iOs.
OnePlus with non flagship price and Google

Apple quite simply won't sell phones with memory expansion
Google and OnePlus imo make the in continuing this as Nokia 8 (brilliant benchmarks slightly less than OP5) challenge them both on price and memory expansion card 256Gb is more than the 128Gb version, buying the Nokia 8 plus memory card will cost be nowhere near than the 128Gb­e2=8647&idPhone1=8346&idPhone3=8522
Non expansion phones unless ridiculously cheap as in not flagship are doomed

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Sony Fanboy Bitches, 30 Sep 2017XZ1 with 2700mAh battery in Android 8.0.0 Oreo gets an amazing 8... moreTheir endurance tests are artificial and nowhere near real life use.

Besides, AMOLED uses less power only if you use dark backgrounds and colors. The way Android is going with using bright colors and whites will still drain a lot of battery. If Android decides to go allow dark themes or goes back to dark themes then probably it'll get greater battery life.

Fitbri, 01 Oct 2017Sometimes I suspect unnecessary negative sentiment from these ty... moreDisagree about removing headphone jacks. Sure you can use a USB for your headphone jack, but then how do you charge it at the same time? Carry an adapter with you at all times? And what about connecting to all of your older non Bluetooth stereo systems that use RCA to 3.5mm, or car stereo, or your friends systems? Or all of us who have lots of headphones for different occasions, or microphone headsets (USB adapter again, and pray that it works with a mic), or pay another $50+ for a less reliable Bluetooth version that requires charging? And lastly, I dislike the idea of high frequency Bluetooth radio waves going right through my skull and giving me brain cancer! Ok maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I actually feel Bluetooth waves and that fact alone is too disconcerting for me to use them.

Just because a flagship only has one camera at ther back does'nt meant it will take inferior photos. I mean apart from LG, with their wide angle second lens. All the other OEMs are after gimmicky portrait shots and a measely 2x optical zoom. Optical is good to have but only 2x? So yeah. Don't put down a flagship just because its not following the trend.

Sometimes I suspect unnecessary negative sentiment from these type of announcements. Click bait negativity. Or inclusion of a creative negative slant that's unnecessary. Look for a fault on anything and you will find it. As if bezels should be negative to the extent it is. OMG Apple and others have had huge ones for years.
I was reading elsewhere that there is some really cool stuff on the Pixels coming up.

Just because a trend does 2, 3, 4, 8, 12 cameras does not mean a negative slant should be there because Google chooses 1 camera but a bloody good one at that. You seem to forget it was industry leading last year and this year they are in part using their own sensors. I personally would rather 1 state of the art camera that takes brilliant shots and have a clean hardware than follow a trend for the sake of it. Actually for many reasons HTC creativity have stood out from the crowds this year so I think the fusion with Google is probably a great one.

Headphone Jack evolution of change and why
There was a time when HTC and Apple introduced a phone with no physical key pad. OMG how on earth were you supposed to type a message with no physical keypad. Up to that point all phones had one. Nokia had numbered pads with advanced predictive text and BlackBerry had QWERTY.

Fast forward to today and and hardly any companies make smartphones with physical keyboards anymore. They did not remove the keyboard because they were bored, they did it because it needed to be done. The space on phones that had been occupied by keyboards could be better utilized by enlarging the display. More display equals more content, and more content equals a better user experience. And so physical keyboards disappeared from smartphones.

Now, let us look at that headphone jack.
The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, if that is indeed what Google ends up calling them, are shaping up to be fantastic updates to last years Pixel lineup. Leaks suggest they will sport cutting-edge specs we would expect from a 2017 flagship phone, and they will also pack some nifty new features. You know what they will not have? 3.5mm headphone jacks. Because dedicated headphone jacks are dead. Nice as they are, It is time to move on and we have to get use to it.

Fighting for the headphone jack in 2017 is akin to fighting for the physical keyboard in 2007.

Smartphones pack a tremendous amount of tech into a tiny amount of space, and every single fraction of a millimeter counts. A 3.5mm headphone jack serves one purpose and one purpose alone: audio output. Of course, every smartphone already has another port capable of outputting audio. So, by shifting audio to the USB-C or Lightning port, the 3.5mm jack can be eliminated and that space can be better utilized - simple.

Everyone has a few different options when it comes to adapting to this scary new world without headphone jacks. Charging a pair of wireless headphones every few days is not exactly a hardship. Not everyone can be bothered to plug in a pair of headphones to charge them from time to time. Luckily, there is another good option: A dongle.

There are heaps o different adapters out there that allow users to connect wired headphones to a smartphone without a 3.5mm audio port.

To think you have to carry loads more cables is somewhat flawed. Always keep the adapter connected to the end of the cable on your headphones. Then it is like it is not even there
There are always reasons not to buy this or that phone. Maybe you prefer Samsung phones or iPhones. Maybe you do not want to spend $650 or more on a smartphone. There is nothing wrong with any of that logic. But if you plan to avoid Google’s next-generation flagship smartphones because neither one has a 3.5mm headphone jack, you are being ridiculous.
For me, I will not be spending 1.5K in Australia for an iPhone. Nice as it is, for that money, is it really worth it. Umm, nah. Each to their own. I am going to wait and see and compare these to the pending Nokia 9 handset.

$649 smaller Pixel 2 with thick bezel and only 64gb internal plus a small battery vs $749 Pixel 2 XL with 128gb internal and with bigger battery and also near bezel less design? That $100 difference is incredibly huge! Dilemmas anyone? I dont think so. This is a no brainer choice.

  • Anonymous

when compare pixel 2 to pixel 2 XL, it shows how bad HTC is, LG is far far better in technology, design, nearly everythings. I hope HTC should bankrupted, there are many chinese brands deliver far more better phones, I will not miss HTC if it disappeared.

  • Anonymous

the pixel 2 is made by the crappy htc, of coz it has big bezel and waste of space, will be dead on arrival.

  • Anonymous

Ahh, we're all big bezzel comments now are we at gsma, now the shlyiphone has a new model. What you ment to say and were paid not to say all these years is ," it has maaaasive bezells, nearly as big as a schlyiphone.

  • xvi

The bezels in the renders in the article that have been around for a while look good. Not small, but galaxy S5-S7 sized which is reasonable - especially since those phones had home/capacitive buttons.

It seems like HTC couldn't deliver... They look as big as the first Pixels and while the stereo speaker helps make up for it a little, I really don't want a 5" screen phone unless it is extremely pocketable. Having it be just average in size while making the compromise on screen size is pretty disappointing.

Kd10, 30 Sep 2017 Very disappointing to see Google already diverge the line as it... moreAlso, it appears that the Pixel 2 will be almost as tall as the XL. Ridiculous.

Yes, I’m a bit bitter about the decisions made between the two models, because I own a Pixel XL and am strongly considering moving to the regular sized model of the Pixel 2, but given the disparity between the two models I may just not get either. Oh well, as I said, good job Google.

Very disappointing to see Google already diverge the line as it seems to be this year for only the second generation of pixels, after only one year of regular size and large phones with equality.

So we’re back to a Nexus 6P and 5X situation, with the regular sized phone being markedly inferior to the giant model. There was absolutely no reason that the bezels on the regular sized model could not be reduced some, noticed that I did not say completely done away with.

Great job, Google! /S

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LG superfan, 30 Sep 2017Poled is basically plastic instead with glass on top (w... moreOk, thanks