ZTE confirms the nubia Z17s is coming October 12

02 October 2017
Expect a bezelless design.

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  • AnonD-674238
  • LKn
  • 04 Oct 2017

headphone jack and amoled display please

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    • SZtadir
    • X%U
    • 03 Oct 2017

    Top bezel is nonexistent. The bottom can't be seen. So a mi mix copy should be expected.

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      • KMB877
      • Y7c
      • 03 Oct 2017

      I was hopping for Axon 8...

        Been using Z7 mini purchased from 3rd party seller as it not officially available in Indonesia. If only ZTE bring their products in Indonesia, it will be great for many Indonesian who want to get them

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          • 3uW
          • 03 Oct 2017

          I really don't understand the numbering logic on nubia phones.

            Till now the only smartphone with a real bezelles side design came from Nubia. If you had one you know what I mean with that. So the news that Nubia also decided to reduce the up and bottom bezels is really nice. I hope this one would be an international Nubia phone (like the Nubia Z11) with all the right bands and Google play store pre-installed.

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              • Mumbai-Indians
              • fCJ
              • 03 Oct 2017

              Still they haven't released Z17 Worldwide. Hope Z17s will be available outside of china ASAP.