Apple looking into iPhone 8 and 8 Plus swelling batteries reports

06 October 2017
Apple has confirmed it is looking into the reports.

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  • Meow

Apple tried to copy the exploding feature from Note 7 but failed. Ended up copying their own iPhone 3GS. (My iPhone 3GS had this issue and since then, I am on the Android's side.)

  • Rahat

Note: non-genuine replacement displays may have compromised visual quality and may fail to work correctly. Apple-certified screen repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts. See for more information.

  • AnonD-704101

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2017Where did you get this information?! First there are ver... moreinvestigation states, phone using original chargers as well as phones new out of the box were found with bloated batteries. What you think is wrong. It's not the charger. Even Samsung came to that claim early in investigation.

  • AnonD-704101

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2017They might be using Samsung batteries.. LolActually, that is what they are looking into. It seems the battery manufacturer is same / related.

  • AnonD-704101

wqcr, 08 Oct 2017Li-Ion cell catastrophic failure is for the most part predi... moreCopper cooling tubes might be an essential component to keep safe.

  • AnonD-704101

@Anonymous. Most of the cases state use of charger available with the phone from Apple. Some complaints are on finding phones with bloated batteries right on opening new package. Even Apple is looking into battery issue. Not the charger. Get your facts straight. Right out of the box faulty equipment. Apple suspects production units in china might be at fault.

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2017It is time for the industry to move past Li Ion battery tec... moreMove on to what? There's nothing they can do right now. None of the substitutes are safe enough and/or ready for mass production. The problem is companies constantly trying to cram bigger batteries than they should in smartphones.

  • Anonymous

Carol, 08 Oct 2017Do you fanboys even hear yourselves? Why would one use a cr... moreYep, I do hear myself. Do you?

Apple has shipped close to 4 million units so far. There are no reported cases of splitting in Western Europe or NA, where the bulk of the shipments went. The few reported cases are mostly from places where users have easier access to cheap knock off chargers. Get it now?

Apple is investigating. You are just envious...

  • Anonymous

It is time for the industry to move past Li Ion battery tech. Its the one thing holding smartphones back.

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2017what??? lenovo??? mehQnovo Adaptive Charging is about smart charging to prolong battery life

UltimateZeroSeconds, 08 Oct 2017The next iPhone should come with Qnovo battery charging tec... moreunlikely, but it's possible, qnovo and battery care seems to be a very good piece of mind, it would be interesting to see other manufacturers utilise it

  • Mark

Must be because Apple is Overcharging them!!!

  • Anonymous

UltimateZeroSeconds, 08 Oct 2017The next iPhone should come with Qnovo battery charging tec... morewhat??? lenovo???

  • Anonymous

iEmoji: I get more attention than you
iBatter: that's why I'm getting pregnant at this time

franz.alex, 08 Oct 2017You're not getting my point. A battery swells over a perio... moreLi-Ion cell catastrophic failure is for the most part predictable. In case impurities were present inside the cell, this would be rendered as increase in cell internal resistance causing the temperature to rise more swiftly. An apt protection circuit would notice and shut down immediately, however most protection circuits care only for temperature not internal resistance, which proved to be slow to stop the imminent failure.
One layer might prove to be faulty, which would be rendered as 50°C on the outside, but inside the temps might be reaching over 200°C, leading to 'venting' or in case of sealed cells, 'swelling'.

This effect occurs however only during charging (CV part of charging cycle, >85% capacity), and not discharging, so the swelling must have occured outside people's pockets.

The next iPhone should come with Qnovo battery charging technology.

  • AnonD-699544

Bad deal for Apple. Now seared into the brain. "Will my 1k iPhone 8 swell today? Tomorrow? Or 6 months from now?"

  • Anonymous

They might be using Samsung batteries.. Lol

Aha!, 07 Oct 2017Great!!! Only swells. I hope you get one of those if you bu... moreYou're not getting my point.
A battery swells over a period, so you have some time to act on it, even if it's a couple of days.
An exploding battery? That gives almost no warning and the effect is usually terrible.

Think gradual, controlled failure versus sudden, catastrophic failure. Neither is good but one gives you a chance to take remedial action.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2017What have you been smoking? Nothing you have said makes any... moreNothing, the question is, where have you been all this years? Probably under apple smoke pott.