Motorola and Sprint announce Photon 4G dual-core droid

09 June, 2011
To our great pleasure, Motorola just won't stop with the announcements of new devices these days. The latest offering from the company is called Photon 4G and will be launched sometime this Summer on...

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  • Anonymous

very cool, hopefully this device will support plenty of US frequencies for 3G HSPA+. That way if i get it even if I switch over to Sprint I won't have to get a new phone entirely! Only thing that bothers me is motoblur. Why does Motorola insist on putting that crap on every phone? Why can't they take off most of the motoblur stuff? Some functions are decent, a lot of the motorblur stuff is just bloatware!

  • t


  • Bobby

Now thats a complete smartphone .. lets wait for the reviews. Interested in battery life!!

  • AnonD-4697

Well, At least is an CDMA Device :D

I hope had more Verizon phones, since I don't use any more GSM sims :( too many problems with signal here, so I will look for more CDMA Devices :D

  • Atin

Awesome mobile phone.. All-In-One

  • Zorril

At the end of the day..... It's still a Motorola!

  • Anonymous

that phone has 2.3 with motoblur wtf but they couldnt even update it past 2.1 for other motorlblurphones