Sony Ericsson K850 goes 5 megapixel

14 June, 2007
Sony Ericsson reaches for the 5 megapixel barrier with its new Sony Ericsson K850 Cyber-shot cameraphone. The handset features all the goodies seen in the previous Cyber-shot handsets but...

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  • Cricu

I was a big se fan'but they stand behaind now'y hate nokia but you can't compare rhight now with any se models'they lunch k850 at the end of the year'hmmm until then who nows what will se from nokia,what new features'if they don't doo soomething'all you se fan will be so behaind whith tehnologi'thats very very true in now days'the n95 is a top phone it has none oponents'super display..

  • Anonymous

I can use "easy to use" sales pitch to sell Nokia all day long but that's only a few years back, just like nokia 8290 is easy to use because even my grandma knows how:D. Now days nothing is easy to use, they all require extra steps in the menu or accessories to work along, it's just not as easy as click of a button. let's say pair a bluetooth or transfer a song from computer to phone, nothing is just a click of a button right? My point is "easy to use" term does not ONLY apply to nokia anymore, because other manufacture are working as hard to provide a user friendy interface.....Now come on, how can you say they are not over price? lol! Just look at 8800. The phone literally have worthless features but look at the price! Have you ever seen a sony ericsson phone cost as much as the 8800 but have less features than that phone?
I believe people need to be educated, alot of them do not research and just follow where everybody goes. All I'm saying is choose what you like and not because Tom and Jerry has it and you want it too. I've been selling cellphone back in 97 when pac-bell first introduce sim card, so I think I know what I'm talking about:)

  • Anonymous

im sorry i dissagree, i also work in retail and people who come to me ask for nokia cause they are easy to use and are not over priced and they know what they are getting, whereas the SE buyers (quite funny almost a 50/50 split!) tend to just ask for whatever the newest phone out is and buy that one because their mate has one and it "looks cool".

summary: the problem is not Nokia or Sony Ericsson, its the fickleness of consumers today. and again i agree, its apples and oranges, different markets (k850 and N95). so no contest, both winners in their own rights (we just have to wait until we've actually handled a K850, but im sure it will be fantastic)

please post dissagrements

  • Anonymous

I own a retail store, most of the Nokia customer knows nothing about the phone they choose. They ask for the latest and never do any type of research, I have to personally explain the features and how to use them, worst of all, Nokia customer do not open to any other suggestion beside Nokia (Nokia got their customer by the B@!!$ if you know what I mean. On the other hand, people come in to pick a sony ericsson not because of the popularity (obviously not) or futuristic design (They never go crazy on that), but the features, the quality, the reliability it can offer and the users actually "USE" those features. Let's not compare the phones, it's just a personal prefferences, because we all know what's worth the money. Please correct me if I'm wrong

  • Anonymous

hey sony ericsson boys!! if your going to complain about people comparing this with the N95 then why dont you stop comparing them on the N95 comments???

i agree this is going to be the best CAMERA phone out, but i believe you will also agree that N95 is a more feature full device. although i own a sim-free n95 (no errors what so ever, 3 days battery life) if i didnt need all the document viewers and wifi and gps id probably get one of these, if only it wasnt so expensive (im in the industry and ive been told the RRP is 599 sim-free (best way to go)

  • Anonymous

wow!!! is it out already cause all you people saying its best phone yet must own one or you couldnt actually comment right???

  • Heizel

How pricey will this phone be sold? Just the approx. price. I need to know whether to wait for this or buy K550i. Pls reply. Thanks.

  • prasad

Hi. can anyone let me know if the SEM K850i is compatible for data transfer with a win vista op sys??

  • Anonymous

K850 --- This is one of the best quality cell phone ever made. No, it is the best quality cell phone ever made. Yes the N95 have all the features that i want, but the N95 itself is cheap and the battery is a real shame for Nokia!

  • David

sony ericsson is good.
just two words is enough to describe this
absolutely+ perfect
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  • Leah

Hey just had the SE rep come in-i'm in australia if anyone wants to know- she has told me that its comming out in october this year, so i recon it would be safe to buy around feb, once they have sorted all the kinks, it will be touch screen but only to certian point. She's had a play with one and recons its awesome!
Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

  • Keleko

Went into an o2 shop in manchester and they reckon early AUGUST but i reckon they are lieing.
Called o2 direct and the reckon OCTOBER 2nd.

  • PWN

any ideas when its going to be release?

  • shkelqim

Am still using K750i and am very happy with it so far.. but K850i is convincing me that is time to take a step forward :)))))))))

  • Alfaro

i don't think K850 is not much different from K800.... now we have a better recording... leds for torch... media player 3... bigger screen... auto lens cover... and of course the cam resolution :P... track id... motion sensor... megabass... dual card slot.... ettccc


sony ericsson is good.
just two words is enough to describe this
absolutely+ perfect

  • Praveen Premkumar

i just hate somebody else just SUCKS big time!!! having used a Sony Ericsson P910i...i was forced to switch to a Nokia E61...and that phone has conked off in just 4 months of advice to all of you...never buy a Nokia Phone. As the learning says...never go with the Leader....go for the other players...they work harder!!! Nokia SUCKS Big TIME!!! Join me in this campaign...Nokia - Disconnecting People!!!


i am very happy for that sony ericsson goes to 5 megapixel and large monitor.i hope next time sony ericsson will give us 5 megapixel with 3" large monitor.take care sony ericsson k850.

  • india99541

Sony ericsson produce good phones but theyre almost exactly the same...they only revamp the camera but the rest of the fone stays the same....whyyyyyyyyyyy???? impressed by the fact theyre using a bigger screen though :D

  • manis

all i need from a cellphone are available in K850, but not the shape, its too odd for me, why SE producer alway create a cellphone with a weird and uncommon keypad? if nokia N82 is already establish, i ll wait it.