Honor to launch a bezel-less phone on December 5

11 October 2017
The phone will likely arrive with the AI-focused Kirin 970 chipset.

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  • mAj
  • 30 Oct 2017

honor V9 is already the honor 8 Pro for your knowledge

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    • AnonD-707971
    • IWY
    • 14 Oct 2017

    huawei honor v9 and huawei honor note9

      Bezel-less phones....the latest "trendy" feature in smartphones.
      First, it was the color, then it was the "ugly" camera bump, then it was
      the thickness of the phone, then it was headphone jacks, now it is the
      bezels on phones. The ONLY good having small/zero bezels is to have a
      slightly larger screen, in the same footprint. Otherwise, all they do is increase
      the risk of damage to the phone. And you don't have to drop it, to cause damage.
      Since people have to constantly carry these things in their hands 24/7, bump it
      against something and you run the risk of cracking the screen. Drop it, let it hit a
      corner, and you can almost guarantee a damaged screen. What phone makers
      SHOULD do, but obviously won't for $$$ reasons, is put a rubber band, on the glass
      around a phone as a slight shock absorber.
      What fun would that be? Easier to charge for a repair/replacement phone.
      The case of the phone should be more of a rubber material for the same reason, and for gripping strength, but that would kill the industry that makes cases, not to mention the
      entire fashion industry that is obsessed with making phones "fashionable".

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        • phoneyy
        • 2SQ
        • 12 Oct 2017

        they want to everyone to break the screen fast and buy new one

          b, 11 Oct 2017smartphones are getting modern at last! do you also think, ... moreI did not ugly what I mean is no major hardware innovation happened since well I cant remeber the last smartphone to break away from brick factor was priv (minor design change not major) I miss the old days when we had camera phones, clamshell, sliding screen, curved screen (g flex curve not edge curve) that time was great now we have phones with 18:9 bezels

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            • Great
            • IY5
            • 12 Oct 2017

            believe it will be Honore Note 9 and 9 Pro or 9 and 10 because the hashtag has number 10

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              • yoga
              • bES
              • 12 Oct 2017

              Honor v10 aka Honor 9 Pro

                And 20 minutes after the first one is purchased, the first one will be dropped and the display shattered. Lol

                Why this chase for a "bezel-less phone"? First thing people do is put a protective case on a new phone, negating this questionable "feature" entirely.

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                  • AnonD-641645
                  • t@g
                  • 11 Oct 2017

                  As if! The actual phone will have huge bezels

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                    • SZtadir
                    • X%U
                    • 11 Oct 2017

                    Too...many....phones. Can't keep track.

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                      • AnonD-619295
                      • nim
                      • 11 Oct 2017

                      I realy hope that this is the Honor Note 9.

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                        • AnonD-566643
                        • mQd
                        • 11 Oct 2017

                        Good Lord please let it be my beloved Honor Note 9!!!

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                          • 11 Oct 2017

                          b, 11 Oct 2017smartphones are getting modern at last! do you also think, ... more..the difference is that you don't hold a TV in your hands...

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                            • 11 Oct 2017

                            LG superfan, 11 Oct 2017Smartphones are getting boringsmartphones are getting modern at last! do you also think, that desing of TVsets was better in early 2000'? with these all ugly bezels and even speakers build into front panel?

                              Naming phones and their colors is confusing nowadays

                                Smartphones are getting boring