Nokia 9 renders show curved screen, dual camera hump

12 October 2017
The rumored 5.5" AMOLED screen will have curved sides, reducing the already small bezels.

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AnonD-244675, 30 Oct 2017Explain how a USB-C provides better audio quality. What ... moreI never said USB-C gives you better audio quality. Assuming you have a high-quality DAC/amp in your 3.5 mm ported device (such as the LG V30) the sound will be the same as with a quality USB-C headphone. The only difference between 3.5 mm audio and USB-C audio is where the DAC/amp is located.

But, as is often the case, manufacturers will skimp on a quality DAC and amp in your smartphone. As such your analogue output through the 3.5 mm port would be awful, and there'd be nothing you could do about it.

With the USB-C port, the quality of audio you want is entirely up to you, as you buy the DAC/amp yourself in either a 3.5 mm adapter, or - as would be ideal - good USB-C headphones that sound just as good regardless of what you plug them into.

On top of that, USB-C headphones can give you extra advantages when you're out and about, such as active noise cancellation. All in all it's a superior solution for mobile devices.

And I doubt Nokia have added a DAC, as it's not required for the UAC3 standard, and would only confuse consumers. If they just include some good quality headphones or a 3.5 mm adapter (ideally both), I'll be happy.

  • AnonD-244675

FinnishInquisition, 13 Oct 2017Uh... you do know that you can use analogue headphones in t... moreExplain how a USB-C provides better audio quality.

What actually matters is if Nokia added a DAC.

Carol, 12 Oct 2017Oh give us a brake man. Look at your crappy ugly cover that... moreI don't use case for my phone because I don't want to hide it's beaty. That's the reason i don't like hump on a phone.

  • km

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2017People gone mad when apple removed headphone Jack. Let's s... moreRemoving headphone jck no big deal...mostly people switching to wireless headphones..

  • Anonymous

imma gonna buy this phone !

  • Anonymous

People gone mad when apple removed headphone Jack. Let's see how they will react for Nokia 9...

  • AnonD-398480

Where is the dual tone flash?

  • .alpha

Looks like a cheap Note 8 knockoff and I don't even like Note 8

  • Nokia fan boy

Forget this leaks and rumours, my drawing art of my Nokia 9 is far better than this leaks and renders. If you believe me, then in my drawing impression, it is bezel free sides and bottom which is far better than the Xiaomi Mi Mix, 3 cameras at the back with Xenon flash ( Wide angle, telephoto, monochrome lenses)something I got a mad idea, dual front camera at the front with LED light, no notch cut out, 2 speakers at the bottom and 1 is the ear piece and 2 headphones jack at the top. NICE, SPLENDID AND SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-61639, 13 Oct 2017no audio jack input system? According to hints of RENDERS show! Jack effect: No

  • AnonD-61639

no audio jack input system?

  • nokiauser

welcome back nokia. plan to get nokia smartphone soon. I remember my last 2 phone branding with nokia....the nokia 808 pureview and the nokia 1020. i so love them.

zipp, 12 Oct 2017S8 has 5,8" display, this should have 5,5". I'd take the sm... moreme too

  • Anonymous

AnonD-578985, 13 Oct 2017They switched to Android late, their move to Windows was th... moreThey were already dying way before moving to Windows.

  • AnonD-578985

Carol, 13 Oct 2017Well, nokia 8 camera is good enough, just needs some softwa... moreThey switched to Android late, their move to Windows was their greatest mistake same with blackberry!

AnonD-684631, 13 Oct 2017Like iPhoneX broiPhone takes design from others and no one cares but if others take design from apple then copy.. nice logic.

  • Carol

NichtsGemacht, 12 Oct 2017yeah I know and with the 9 I am expecting a better camera q... moreWell, nokia 8 camera is good enough, just needs some software "repair". I would not have high hopes. At the moment, Nokia tests the waters. I do not think hmd will invest too much in research. They already own some knowlege but they need the right time and guy to invest in. I do not think that now is the right time, i also do not think they have the right guy for making pureview in another form. And well, another problem is android that can't deliver 41 mpx. And Hmd hast to do again a lot of tweaks to make it work, and to fight against this this speed kids that never put their hands on a shovel to see what means to do some work.Nokia has a lot of knowledge and HMD are using it, but they do not have (or do jot want) enought money to invest in research. Let's not forget nokia invested billions in research just to bring top noch innovation, nobody cared and everybody copied them.... They learned one lesson. Make a slab that looks cool, invest the least money in reasearch and will sell. For the moment, that is exactly what they are doing:). And well, while other come here with pretentions, i give them right.

  • AnonD-684631

Luxor, 13 Oct 2017Designer are getting monotonous in making phones. All look ... moreLike iPhoneX bro

  • Anonymous

For me Nokia 6 has better back body design

Designer are getting monotonous in making phones. All look same and predictable. Step up the game please. Nokia is what? Just another chinese smartphone? Smartphone now looks so cheap and disposable.