Huawei Y6 Pro (2017) launches in Europe

13 October 2017
The phone costs €179 and will be sold in Germany, Italy and France.

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  • Khalid
  • XBA
  • 05 Oct 2022

Huawei y6 pro network problem and what is the solutions?

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    • Md babett
    • 2FY
    • 21 Jun 2022


      I have tried google play store data and cache clearing, factory reset, removing and adding google account but google play store still crashes. What can I do?

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        • Tariq
        • 6Pp
        • 26 Oct 2017

        I am waiting for this phone in pakistan

          Anonymous, 13 Oct 2017Hmm, and what is "pro" about it? CPU - not. Battery - not. ... morefor your Question:
          Original Huawei Y6 uses a measly sd210
          both the Y6 2017 and the Y6 pro use the MT6737T.
          while this one is a SD425
          SD210: 4xA7@1.2 GHz
          MT6737T: 4xA53@1.4 GHz. low preforming GPU.
          SD425: 4xA53@1.4 GHz. better GPU. but still low preformance.
          hence why this model is a huawei Y6 pro (2017). it has better chipset compared to it's predecesors.

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            • XxoxX
            • S4s
            • 14 Oct 2017

            Mini version of Xiaomi Mi5X and Xiaomi Mi A1...with some kind of OnePlus 5 inspiration on it!

            i dont know what this brands are smoking...copying each other today...baaaah, if this costs 120€ i will understand and maybe buy one, but it cost the same as Mi5x so, Mi5x is galaxys away better than this.

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              • J89
              • pEK
              • 13 Oct 2017

              When all lg phones will be died out there wil be only huawei left. if its not like galaxsy active i give not a shit because they collect data spy. you can only lose money, it will not survive more than two months.

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                • Anonymous
                • ELT
                • 13 Oct 2017

                Another iPhone clones

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                  • AnonD-621164
                  • 3nr
                  • 13 Oct 2017

                  is sd425 better than mt6737t
                  somehow i don't really believe it
                  actually it would be very interesting to see video comparison between these two (y6 2017 and y6 pro 2017)

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                    • Akicca
                    • JKR
                    • 13 Oct 2017

                    In some countries named p9 lite mini

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                      • boom2344
                      • SH9
                      • 13 Oct 2017

                      already selling those for months...

                        Earlier everyday it was a new Samsung phone, but now Samsung has at least restricted itself to only 4 series. Huawei is making it cumbersome literally!

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                          • AnonD-658565
                          • 3nw
                          • 13 Oct 2017

                          Also available in South-Eastern Europe. Price - 200€ :D as Huawei p9 lite mini micro pico nano. Huawei sells phones with AOS 6 or even 5 here for the same price, around 2k€. If you think that we are stupid here soon you will find out how wroung you are Huawei.

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                            • Didosa
                            • ppF
                            • 13 Oct 2017

                            In Bulgaria it's called "Huawei P9 Lite Mini", no idea why...

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 0BG
                              • 13 Oct 2017

                              Hmm, and what is "pro" about it? CPU - not. Battery - not. RAM - not. Screen? Camera?