What's an eSIM, how it works and why it's important to you

15 October 2017
The Google Pixel 2 is one of the first phones to launch with an eSIM. We take a look at the latest revolution in the world of the ubiquitous SIM card and why you should care?

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  • AnonD-337028

.alpha, 16 Oct 2017Apple was the first to Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM and will prob... moresamsung gear s2 watch had esim years ago

  • .alpha

Apple was the first to Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM and will probably the first to full eSIM. Not like any carrier can afford not to support iPhone

  • tc

AnonD-700134, 16 Oct 2017eSim is only good for a countries where the people can pay ... more"when you traveled you was forced to use an expensive roaming plans."

that's the goal.

  • lol

AnonD-356282, 16 Oct 2017In theory, you can simply select the service through the ph... moreit only look for people in japan not vice versa

  • Anonymous

Not an easy explanation.....

  • bobli

Next thing you will have a cucumber up your chutney channel and smartphone will be projected from all the way down up your eyes and ur helmet will be your simcard. smartcuc is the name of the device :)
man this monkey business is neverending. Same as apple being name the best smartphone when it first came up all the way till now - the most nonsence device that took 4 editions to get common sense phone functionality working i.e. call duration list of last called (more than 10) etc... era of sheep madness full of I this I that when there is no I at all. Sheepanity... Oh so sad Oh so sad. Yet more opportunity for diversification and decent businesses to come up to make proper stuff...

  • Saber tooth

So the NSA can spy easily!

  • AnonD-700134

eSim is only good for a countries where the people can pay for a contract plan, in the underdeveloped countries, where the most of population still using prepaid plans, it wont be popular. In 2000s when brazilian carrier VIVO (a Verizon Wannabe), did use CDMA, was a pain in the as* change cellphone and they only sold locked cellphones, when you traveled you was forced to use an expensive roaming plans.

  • Anonymous

People invented things to ease and simply life. And it suddenly changed back to the hard and complex way. Who did this?

Apple has done more harm to the mobile industry than good.

MacBook Pro added Touch ID last year. Next year's iPhones wants to rid of all of it. MBP still has headphone jack and USB-C. iPhones removed headphone jack and still uses Lightning Connector. It's a dongle cluster****.

Face ID is more inconvenience when you want to check your phone in secret. The notch is irritating enough to view content but imagine always needing to look at the phone to unlock it? Apple should have never eliminated Touch ID.

eSim is just another inconvenience to switch between phones. Apple is like cancer to the mobile industry. Whatever they push down our throats, they win and will continue to dictate the trends.

  • Bewildered

Aym007, 16 Oct 2017As a Wireless Service retailer, I see a great value in the ... moreHere is the answer you all should read. Thanks aym007


Others please think
The ICCD number is also NOW the physical phone when esim arrive

Eg you have two phone both with a cell phone number, switch phones go online and switch the iccd from one phone to another, you don't have to talk to a real person, in the USA I understand that CDMA won't authorise a phone, this is due to competition

As long as you have not reported the phone stolen easy peasy. Ghe same with a broken phone as long as phone has an esim
I Don't think you will be able to do this if a phone has a sim card
ATM there are dual sim phones, so I doubt that if you holiday your phone will let you have a second esim number even temporarily as that would give you dual sim capability

Like now you will only be able to use the phone on networks that have say 2100 mHz as phones with world wide roaming is flagship
Borrowing a phone like now swap sim need to go online to re register esim and as friends phone has not been reported lost stolen easy peasy

Thinking about it I don't see a reason why a person can set up not to allow esim registration

Police can trace a phone based on the imei this only for serious charges, phones remain lost even when the imei is known simply because the sim card is removed
I can trace my phone, only whilst my sim card is inside
Only the rightful owner can use the phone

On stolen for parts, I dare say there are some who will purchase a blacklisted phone but as it is an easy check, I did not know is a lame excuse

It is essentially the same as porting your number only with physical devices as a thief cannot insert his sim, using your sim card gives you access to all numbers called

Esims like it ir not bumps up security 80+ %

Remember Apple did NOT ARE NOT FIRST

  • Anonymous

Akinaro, 15 Oct 2017" the space taken up by the associated internal hardware an... morei don't mind extra milimeters if that means my phone will have SIM cards slot, MicroSD card slot, 3.5mm jack, removable battery, etc.

nobody ask for razor-thin phone that would bend or break easily in your pants.

  • Anonymous

e-SIM won't be popular in many Asian countries where people bought phones and SIM cards separately.
there were reason why GSM phones (with removable SIM cards) more popular than CDMA phones (with injected phones number), and i think this e-SIM nonsense would go down the CDMA way.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-356282, 16 Oct 2017Just deal with it, privacy went out the window decades ago,... moredeal with it? slave mentally, accepting your loss of rights as if it is something that must be, as if there was no other choice...

  • AnonD-356282

anon, 16 Oct 2017oh look we're going back to CDMALOL that was my first thought too actually. Good old ESN's. A pain to switch a phone to another carrier however, if they ever even let you.

  • fsf

Oathbreaker, 16 Oct 2017Please read this thread -http://www.howardforums.com/showth... moreWe need a phone gate to stop this stupid sects companies

  • AnonD-356282

Oathbreaker, 16 Oct 2017Please read this thread -http://www.howardforums.com/showth... moreJust deal with it, privacy went out the window decades ago, and if you don't want to be tracked or recognised, just don't use the internet. Ever.

  • AnonD-356282

LG Fan, 16 Oct 2017What if I want to switch SiM cards right away? Or if i'm us... moreIn theory, you can simply select the service through the phone. You need to look at this end-to-end.

A traveler from Japan who's visiting Hong Kong can simply select a pay-as-you-go plan as soon as they've touched down. They don't need to seek out a phone store, 7/11, etc. to get the physical SIM.

I'm sure that Operators will put restrictions on exactly how often or quickly one can switch, but it'll take a while to get the balance right. There's also bound to be easy migration services to move from a physical SIM to an eSIM.

I think this is a logical and good change.

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2017What? Like on a date? Lol.Oh the Hilarity!

Im talking about if im going somewhere i dont fancy taking a £1000 phone with me, or if im going abroad for a weekend and dont want to risk losing my phone so i take a cheaper one.

At the moment i just take out a sim and put it in another. Its a pain in the ass if ill have to ring my provider to change over, especially if you need them when their phonelines are closed.

It is logical evolution. Nowadays phones has everything integrated and sealed, without any user replaceable parts, so no wonder in a future your phone will be embedded with all the hardware and software you need, saving space and make it easier to design