BlackBerry releases first-look video for newly-unveiled Motion smartphone

14 October 2017
It's a short clip that initially focuses on the design aspects and then goes on to highlight some of the software features of the phone.

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  • AnonD-155263

A device is always named after certain traits. But here I don't see any catch to it. Looks like regular $300 brick, Hope blackberry has something innovative up its sleeve otherwise, God save the Queen!

  • AnonD-708389

zodiacfml, 15 Oct 2017Nice back. I wonder if its soft touch with some grip. I... moreit looks like carbon fiber cover. same as Motorola RAZR MAXX. durable yet still feels soft in hand.

  • AnonD-632062

Looks Good...

  • Anonymous

I rather buy asus zenfone 3 zoom.
Same CPU, same size, bigger battery (5000 vs 4000), lots *better* camera, cheaper price

Nice back. I wonder if its soft touch with some grip.
I hate glass back phones and then a cover on it for better grip and protection.
The Samsung 8+ has is thin and lightweight until I put a pricey Samsung cover for it.

  • pt020

Looks very nice only the size is much too big for me.

The only thing this has going for it is the battery, because at the 500 price point you can get better specc'd phones in terms of camera and soc.

  • Anonymous

This goes for all manufacturers: You make super boring designs! Slim bezel doesnt make up for it. God I miss the early 2000s design wise, when phones looked different, not ALL rectangular with oh so similar specs. Make an exciting design please. Like maybe a redesigned Nokia 7280 that phone was way ahead of its time.

  • Liam

Well gestures could be useful, or funny but for example here I can't get better guarantie from BB than I can get from Motorola? or Xiaomi? The same. And in few weeks we'll be able to buy the new Redmi Note 5, 4000 mAh, 630 or better, 5.5" , Oreo in the box or, if not, soon due to the amount of sales it'll has like Note 4, a real flagship for the mid-range that will come with improved cameras and a price tag rumored around 155 - 200 euros (183$ to 236$) Even if is a bit more in some versions, Xiaomi is going o sell it like cookies. Few time for BB and other brands to take a bit advantage, the legion of Redmi Note fans are awaiting, not looking in to this expensives ones.

Infinitely less unique and interesting than the keyone... welcome to the obsolescence of creating a mediocre phone that look and functions like just about every other smartphone out there... it's a major yawn...

  • AnonD-145833

AnonD-684709, 14 Oct 2017The big 4000 mAh battery is a certain plus. Sadly, it's th... moreEven if they put in an unreleased 840 it still would never be a "flagship killer". For one, which flagship would die? Or would all? Majority who have bought a handset in the last 3 months won't be changing. They don't have the marketing budget nor distribution channels.

  • AnonD-145833

AnonD-672395, 14 Oct 2017I doubt whether BlackBerry will ever be relevant again. Ver... moreBlackberry is focusing on software. Look at the gsm homepage, all rectangular, all accommodating 5-5.5" screens. Anyone can do that or just licence it from a company in Asia and build on top.

  • AnonD-672395

I doubt whether BlackBerry will ever be relevant again. Very disappointing design (especially the Front). Though there is something intriguing and curious about the new scrolling gestures. I am curious to know whether they are good.

Unfortunately, BlackBerry, like Nokia, lost the plot. Many many years ago.

  • AnonD-684709

The big 4000 mAh battery is a certain plus.
Sadly, it's the only real plus it has. The design is only mediocre (at least it's not ugly like the Pixel), and the 5.5" size is only mediocre as well.
The price of 500€ for a SD 625 only device is a massive rip-off, I doubt it will sell well. Now if they had a SD 835 for that price, it might become a popular flagship killer, but this way... The price should be 300€ at most, to have any notable success.

  • Carol

Levy, 14 Oct 2017"Productuvity"? Who uses a cellphone for productivity; most... moreActually those, me, who need their smartphones, email and ms teams and other, need big screen. You comment is paperweight.

  • Levy

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2017Small phone = small productivity "Productuvity"? Who uses a cellphone for productivity; most who like the large screens use them for web browsing, watching movies, gaming, etc. Those of use who use their phones mainly for calling/texting with a bit of browsing as needed to check sports scores for example, much prefer compact phones. Unfortunately, most manufacturers ignore that segment of of the market.

  • AnonD-598916

AnonD-397942, 14 Oct 2017It looks so stunning than bezel less phones out there that ... moreI agree that the design looks cool, but that chin though... It looks like it might make even Xperia jealous.

  • Alice

Nice brick. Optimizing the space and design... I hope they don't forget mount the display properly this time being as expensive. It could be used as a hammer in a durability test. What a brick! With €499 for a mid-range with SD 625 and that size, at least, it should not heat a lot.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2017No matter how many in here say its not ugly, it won't sale ... moreYou, my friend, have been living under a rock for about 6 months...

  • Nickname optional

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2017No matter how many in here say its not ugly, it won't sale ... moreI'll buy one! :-)