HTC sends out invites to a November 2 event, is it the U11 Plus?

16 October 2017
HTC is finally going bezel-less on November 2.

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Anonymous, 16 Oct 2017Hope it will be 16:9 . 18 :9 is not real 6 inch when it is... moreWhen you watch YT, but when you watch for example a video which you have taken it will use the whole screen, so no pillarboxing.

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    • Anonymous
    • PBb
    • 17 Oct 2017

    AnonD-632062, 17 Oct 2017HTC, save yourself from the falling YoY sales and please in... moreThey've been put 3.5mm jack for ages up till last year htc10
    Did that make them fortune? NO

    Bring back 3.5mm will (NOT) change things either!

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      • AnonD-632062
      • 3Ye
      • 17 Oct 2017

      HTC, save yourself from the falling YoY sales and please include a 3.5 mm headphone jack....

      From Quietly Brilliant, HTC has become Quietly Dying.......

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        • Faysal
        • Hxe
        • 17 Oct 2017

        Finally I can say it was worth waiting. Will definitely buy it. Only thing holding me from buying U11 was its screen. and S8 its fingerprint scanner placement.

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          • LLL
          • PA7
          • 17 Oct 2017

          It could be a U Ultra 2.
          Anyway, make the battery bigger than U11 please, 3300 minimum or even 3500 mAh.

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            • AnonD-708579
            • Xpe
            • 17 Oct 2017

            Remember, everyone, HTC simply DOES NOT CARE about users who happen to live outside of US.
            Forget about monthly security updates, you'll get at most twice A YEAR!
            For the last year flagman (HTC10) they make security updates every 1-2 months for US versions but for other countries they issued first 2017 security update in JULY!!! Yes, you read that correctly - JULY!
            Now (mid of Oct 17) we are still on July update (US version got September btw) and I am pretty sure we are going to live with all those recently discovered major security bugs (BlueBorne, KRACK etc) till Android O update (which hopefully happens somewhere in 2018)
            So the phone itself was great, support for US - quite good, support for nonUS - rubbish!
            Will never buy HTC again (not surprised though they are doing so badly)

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              • AnonD-464216
              • pAa
              • 17 Oct 2017

              Dont wait any headphone jack or front fingerprint scanner ,its a waste of time specially by HTC and yet morover if it will have 18:9 screen sadly said.. 😞

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                • AnonD-173775
                • X9Y
                • 17 Oct 2017

                Please let this come w/ removable storage. This comes w/ the U11 Plus and it's a tough call between this and the Mate 10

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                  • AnonD-708565
                  • uZa
                  • 16 Oct 2017

                  GDS Khera, 16 Oct 2017Back, Home, Recents/Task List.... Whats that 4th icon ???it is: turn the screen off. :) I have the same icon set as the 4th navigation button on my phone.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • npr
                    • 16 Oct 2017

                    HTC should design something similar to One M7 if they wish to bring back the glorious old days.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • p2V
                      • 16 Oct 2017

                      Hope it will be 16:9 .
                      18 :9 is not real 6 inch when it is said to be 6 inch.
                      it is smaller.
                      screen area will be like 5.5 inch.
                      so htc u11 and plus will have same screen area.

                        AnonD-368020, 16 Oct 2017HTC need to reduce number of models. Carefully choose it's ... moreAgree. HTC have amazing product. I have enjoyed several models and my current one is humming along beautifully. Marketing and focus they need. Love there stuff.

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                          • AnonD-526755
                          • 6rJ
                          • 16 Oct 2017

                          thank you to blur the different information of the bottom , the phone numbers(port) , the information on the press team concerned as well as the address
                          i am a french htc member
                          i'm not an htc employee

                            GDS Khera, 16 Oct 2017Back, Home, Recents/Task List.... Whats that 4th icon ???Maybe pull down the notification shade?

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                              • Xperia
                              • yM3
                              • 16 Oct 2017

                              And...... as usual sony will be the last to adapt bezel less trend.

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                                • Aadrian
                                • 0wE
                                • 16 Oct 2017

                                Hope that the U11 will get cheaper around that time this new phone is released, good for extra sales during the holiday season end of the year.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • R6T
                                  • 16 Oct 2017

                                  They are finally going back to on screen buttons. Here is hoping that they also place the finger print scanner in its correct position on the back of the device.

                                    With no headphone jack.

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                                      • John snow
                                      • f{}
                                      • 16 Oct 2017

                                      any idea on hires via 3.5 mm jack

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                                        • eyad
                                        • a43
                                        • 16 Oct 2017

                                        u11 is great phone i hope this will continue with the u11 plus