Essential sued by Keyssa for theft of trade secrets in battle of ex-Google execs

16 October 2017
Keyssa Inc is backed by Nest founder Tony Fadell, who led the Google Glass division, while Essential's CEO is Android co-founder Andy Rubin, a Google SVP in the past.

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  • miguel

essential phone has one of the best design for this year and i hope to see a better one next year

  • Anonymous

From Essentially Flopped to Essentially Sued.... lel

  • korbindallis

Kangal, 17 Oct 2017On the surface, yes. But if Keyssa actually contributed no... morecompletely agree with your assumption
we don't know details

  • AnonD-331351

People don't need essential phone. Go back Rubin.

  • .alpha

Essential is a scam. Andy Rubin is a scammer

"Kill or be killed" thats suppose to be the motto of every entrepreneur in technology world :)

  • Kangal

Simon, 17 Oct 2017It seems like Keyssa is on the right side of this. Seems li... moreOn the surface, yes.
But if Keyssa actually contributed nothing, then that's exactly how they should be compensated: nothing.

We'll have to let the courts decide, there's too much that we don't know.

Google. Always Complicated.

  • AnonD-632062

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2017Bitch fight, bitch fight!!LOL!

  • Anonymous

Bitch fight, bitch fight!!

  • Simon

It seems like Keyssa is on the right side of this. Seems like Essential went all out disregarding fair practices. Which sucks.

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2017"cough" Motorola "cough" Motorola's accessories actually transmit their data through the series of pins, which is why it has so many of them. It's very different in the way Essential's phone works. The two pins on the back of the Essential PH1 are simply for accessory placement/orientation. All communication is done via wireless connections.

  • Anonymous

I dont give a flying F*uck about Google execs, as long as the essential has this feature already, etc

  • Labradachi 1

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2017"cough" Motorola "cough" Dude you're coughing a lot. It seems to me that you have got the TRoll virus.

  • Anonymous

"cough" Motorola "cough"