Nokia might be closing its UK online store at the end of June

14 June, 2011
Nokia's online stores are shutting their virtual doors - stores in France, Spain and the Netherlands were the first to go, and now the rumor is that the Nokia UK store hasn't got much time left...

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  • SpyInTheCamp

For goodness sake, will you all stop squabbling and bickering over who has got the best phone/processor/OS/camera/GPS/etc. Love them or hate them, Nokia are still a world leader and pioneer; this ain't gonna disappear. Other brands have come along with good alternatives in a market where Nokia once had a monopoly. This is called competition! The simple fact of the matter here is that Nokia (like many other global business') are streamlining their operations in order to be more effective in the market place long term. This is nothing unusual and certainly nothing new in business. Therefore, parts of the business that are not profitable, or too expensive, close down. It makes absolute sense. Get over it. Choose the phone you want; use it and get on with your lives!

  • Anonymous

Ashura, 16 Jun 2011I said ALMOST therefore was not assuminghahaha so what do you call that?

  • AnonD-10946

AnonD-3575, 16 Jun 2011how about usb on-the-go, hdmi, free offline navigation... you c... moreUSB OTG what for? Show me an application where USB OTG is a benefit? SGS is already a large storage space with an SD card slot in case you ever use up any of the built in storage. Free offline navigation is coming to Android, Android supports offline, most people who have money to buy a smartphone have a data plan as well, so even if google doesn't offer offline voice by voice navigation the few KB of data required to cache gps guiding doesn't bother people.

So that's your only argument? That it's not hardware accelerated? Guess what? It doesn't need to be. Unless you have third party bloatware added on such as motoblur theres no need for the UI to be hardware accelerated. My G2 user interface is just as fast as my G2x.

So now N8 utilizes it better? First you fanboys argue saying Android doesn't have as many functions, now you argue that it utilizes it better. Guess what? My G2 is pretty much just as fast as my G2x in most aspects and it's only clocked at 800MHz and is a single core CPU. Sorry but if someone told you "pagefile system" is more better than physical RAM they don't know jack about how OS works.

  • Ashura

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2011so you are assuming that assumptions are almost never rigth?is t... moreI said ALMOST therefore was not assuming

  • AnonD-3575

AnonD-40, 16 Jun 2011I hate to break it up to you but even though current Androids do... moreui may be nice, im just saying that the faster cpu is not an advantage over symbian and ios... its a necessity
yes, android is customizable, but hardware-wise, i prefer the small things n8 has that no android hasnt. the only android i would like is galaxy s2, but still it has a worse camera e.g.

also, someone posted an image that suggests n8 has weak wifi. there is a article even here on gsmarena which prooves otherwise. i dont let the media influence me as it does some people. yes, symbian has flaws, but not as much as people would like you to believe. and things that may seem as flaws, can be easily explained. the problem is, people dont listen to reason, just look at numbers...

  • zhazha

I think stephen lope is on a mission to destroy Nokia ,well serves them right thats what happens to companies who they get too big for their boots along with their mid and senior managers.

  • AnonD-40

[deleted post]I hate to break it up to you but even though current Androids don't have hardware acceleration of the UI, the UI is fluid and a joy to use. This is coming from an N8 owner. The UI can be molded to whatever you like and if hardware acceleration of the UI is your thing then you can install SPB Shell 3D. That will replace the UI and it uses hardware acceleration. Is the battery your concern? There's tons of battery conserving apps in the market. Lag? There are memory managers out there to free up RAM and prevent lag.

Ice Cream Sandwich is coming out around the same time Nokia releases Symbian Anna for my N8. It will bring hardware acceleration of the UI and will revamp the user interface and make it even better. That means that S^3 will never get to catch up to Android when it comes to UI and UX.

You have to admit that Nokia doesn't offer what the masses wants. The writing on the wall is clear as day and night. Those things you mentioned may matter a lot to you but to the masses, they don't. You have to cater to the masses or you'll fall into a nitch market. Nokia has now fallen behind and what they have are obsolete pieces of tech that would have been top of the line in 2008.

You've seen me troll a lot of Android news and argued with these people but that opened up my eyes to the reality. Android is the OS to beat. 400,000 Android activations per day can't be wrong. It's a testament to how far Android has advanced beyond Symbian. You can mold Android to whatever you want.

  • AnonD-3575

AnonD-10946, 16 Jun 2011HAHAHAH OKAY you're clearly in denial. You say the N8 is more ve... morehow about usb on-the-go, hdmi, free offline navigation...
you cant just compare a few things and draw a conclusion

also, bear in mind that android ui is NOT gpu accelerated, and the whole system is derived from desktop. unlike symbian, which is made for mobiles de novo.

im not denying that sgs has more ram and a faster cpu.
but symbian utilities them better (virtual ram, gpu acceleration...)

  • Nokia Bankrupt

Nokia might close internationally forever if they don't get rid of Micro$oft trojan horse Stephen Elop which wants Nokia to fall in Miscro$oft's hands.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2117, 16 Jun 2011he means more versatile because it has good features like hdmi, ... moreThe N8 is in the same price range as the Galaxy S. The Galaxy S also comes with a large built in memory, supports HDMI out via microUSB adapter, android has had free voice turn by turn navigation before Nokia gave their navigation for free. Many of the N8's competitor offers same functionality at a similar price point. I just find it funny like Nokia Rock's says, these extremist will throw logic and reasoning out the window and replace truth with their beliefs; a lot of them don't even think Nokia is failing, merely "sleeping" or "vacationing", which is laughable.

  • Anonymous

Ashura, 15 Jun 2011Because assumptions are almost never right wich mean those who a... moreso you are assuming that assumptions are almost never rigth?is that an assumption?assumptions are assumptions unless proven.

  • AnonD-2117

AnonD-10946, 16 Jun 2011HAHAHAH OKAY you're clearly in denial. You say the N8 is more ve... morehe means more versatile because it has good features like hdmi, free turn by turn navi, awesome camera, 16 gb inbuild, which are all not common in the price range of n8

though i would still choose galaxy s because its way better and i dnt need above + purple tint problem

  • AnonD-10946

AnonD-3575, 15 Jun 2011im not saying sgs is a bad mobile, quite the opposite but hardw... moreHAHAHAH OKAY you're clearly in denial. You say the N8 is more versatile than the Galaxy S which is an old device now, aside from the camera how is the N8 more versatile? So if the Galaxy S is considered "pretty average" does that make the N8 less than average?

Android > Symbian; this isn't even arguable. Every review site including anandtech said that N8 was too late.

Galaxy S beats N8 hands down not even arguable.

Galaxy S wins

N8 Wins due to way larger sensor and better lens not deniable.

Galaxy S wins

Body construction:
N8 wins, the Galaxy S has a horrible construction build, it was sturdy, however it was very light weight.

So lets say we assign these categories 1 point each for each winner. Looking at it mathematically(this may present itself as a problem for you) but the Galaxy S wins in 4 out of 6 categories listed. That makes it 4 points, where as the N8 only receives 2. So if 4 points makes the Galaxy S an average device does the N8 with a point of only 2 mean its way below average and has a lot of upgrades to be desired? I don't follow your logical reasoning. You say the N8 is more versatile, how so? What can it do aside from taking better pictures that the Galaxy S can't?

  • AnonD-10946

AnonD-3575, 15 Jun 2011a truck has more horse power than my car buy my car is sill fas... moreObviously you're bad at Analogy. You forgot to take in the account that a truck can weigh up to 2 tons or more and your car is a little over a ton. How about compare your family sedan with 180 HP vs a M3 around the same weight with 300+ HP lets see whos faster now? You're a genius aren't you? That's like saying my Yamaha R6 has only a little over 100 HP yet its faster than most production sports car made is a good analogy, except for the fact that my bike with me on it and a full tank of gas weighs under 600 lbs.

  • AnonD-10946

AnonD-3575, 15 Jun 2011if you've bothered with reading the review, you would have seen ... moreFor someone calling me ignorant you sure are ignorant yourself my friend. Do you know english? Read the graph I linked. It says "LOCAL WIFI TRANSFER" which means its not browser related. I guess this is too hard for you to comprehend doesn't it? The problem with the default browser was loading anandtech's test suites, not with wifi performance. The lag issues were due to Samsung's own implementation of Google's OS. Look at motorblur and Motorola, that causes lag; however on blur-less versions of motorola phone's theres no lag. Funny how you fanboys still use lag as an excuse even though after the upgrade to froyo 2.2 on Galaxy S there is no lag ;). Same with the desire.

So again you state bad wifi, bad screen, lag as an issue for a phone being bad. I've already pointed out that the N8 is flawed with these issues as well, are you going to say the N8 is not a bad smrtphone then? Of course you are! fanboys will say anything.

  • AnonD-5197

AnonD-3575, 15 Jun 2011a truck has more horse power than my car buy my car is sill fas... moreAnd in this comparison SGS has more horse power AND it's faster than N8.
You have a family wagon.

What an exciting discussion...

  • AnonD-3575

AnonD-5197, 15 Jun 2011Specs are absolute, not relative. Lower numbers limit the perfo... morea truck has more horse power than my car
buy my car is sill faster

the best thing is rarely a bestseller

  • AnonD-5197

AnonD-3575, 15 Jun 2011specs are relative e.g. htc has a 8mp camera which is an insult... moreSpecs are absolute, not relative. Lower numbers limit the performance which cripples the ability to provide better user experience.

What's relative is the user experience and the sales figure clearly suggests SGS was able to appeal to the consumers better. So what are you arguing? Absolute or relative?

So SGS had better specs, better sales, better user experience agreed by reviews and users... how is N8 better?

  • AnonD-3575

AnonD-5197, 15 Jun 2011What do you mean by hardware? Metal body? That's arguable. ... morespecs are relative
e.g. htc has a 8mp camera which is an insult and a carl zeiss 3mp is miles ahead
its not all in numbers. specs-wise, n8 is more versatile, you cannon deny that

  • Ashura

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2011why do you think assuming makes someone look stupid?Because assumptions are almost never right wich mean those who assume something is right and in the end is wrong look stupid