turns 11 today, happy birthday!

15 June, 2011
This is something, isn't it? Your beloved website turns 11 today. It's a big boy now. It's our honor to be part of the process and watch it grow and mature day after day. Looking back 11 years ago...

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  • Anonymous

Happy Birthday GsmArena!great job
(a reader since 2006)

  • A_zone

That's really GREAT..................Congratulations to ur whole team..........You all have done great work........Thanks for this Extra-ordinary Site...

  • inayat

i am tech. agent your site is great.
thanks for making such a great site

  • Mavarone

Happy Birthday GSMArena. Awesome website, always helped me selecting the best phone from the market.

  • andr0.lover

wish u all in the GSM Arena team a big success for many years ahead.. Keep the hardwork and the update f/ all of us..

  • han

happy birthday gsmarena
wenever comes to phones cnt look further then this site awesum development
simple and great

  • tohid_dashti

hello - happy birth day

  • PriteshT

Wish you a Very Happy Birthday.

Keep up the good work as you have been doing.

I believe for most of your readers, just like for me, you are the most referred, most relied & most rtrusted source for information about Mobile Phone Handsets.

I believe you have achieved the status where your readers don't even remember webaddresses of sites trying to compete with you. Because you have given your readers so much to read, refer & know very reliably.

I thank & appreciate each resource working & contributing to your efforts & output.

  • AKN

I congratulate GSM arena team for their successful completition of 11 years. This is one of my favorite site, I regularly visit this site. I wish GSM arena that in future this site will do more as done in past. Happy Birthday to GSMARENA.COM

  • Samadbest87

Happy Birthday to GSM Arena..!
i visit many time in daily.
Best wishes for a long live....!

  • AnonD-11071

I'm big fan of your site GsmArena so its too great site for me tat i love you guys and thnx n happy birthday and always happy day for all of you guys tat work on gsmarena........................

  • kaps

Happy Birthday GSMArena. I love your site. It's become like the morning cup of coffee for me... the one that I can't do without, before starting my day.

  • Vishnu ch

happy b'day gsmarena.

  • Finchmeister

Happy Birthday GSMArena!

  • AnonD-10443

happy bday!you deserve a hats off!!

  • AnonD-1891

hanks for this brilliant website & happy birthday.

  • Michael Hovermale

Happy 11th Anniversary...

  • Yerulan

Happy Birthday GSMArena!!! Your web site is great and keep it up nest 11 years!!!

  • bamaboy

Happy Birthday GSMArena! I love your website. Keep doing what you guys do! Good job.

  • endoness


hope GSMA don't bias &
we post don't save to DB.