turns 11 today, happy birthday!

15 June, 2011
This is something, isn't it? Your beloved website turns 11 today. It's a big boy now. It's our honor to be part of the process and watch it grow and mature day after day. Looking back 11 years ago...

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  • PulsArian1331

Happy 11th b'day u folks @ GSMArena :) Continue rocking! U guys hv made life so much easier for us :)

  • YamatoJay

Happy Birthday GSMArena! =]

  • rocket man

Happy birthday!!!...this site has been a great help to me for the last 9 years .....great job!!!

  • Mikey

Keep up the good work guys. Thank you :)

  • AnonD-11129

Wishing you a very very happy birthday guys... You've been the source of all my information about phones and you helped me a lot in searching for the right phone for myself... Lets have many more years to come... A request or kind of a feedback... Please have reviews for the Dell phones and tablets... :)

  • Ios boy

Happy bday! Gsmarena! Thanks for always helping me decide on which phone to choose, since the dawn of mobile phones you have been providing important infos about cell phones.. Keep it up!

  • AdamS

Happy B-day in did! The best site about mobile phones ever!

  • dk

happy bday 1million bdays to come

  • Vikas

You guys are the best in the Business. Keep it up!!. Happy Birthday

  • Emman

hapi birthday guy n keep up the A-game in ur news, reviews and interviews

  • AnonD-542

A very Happy Birthday to you. I am a regular visitor of this website years. I just hope this website make the pages more cool. I mean, a change in the layout would be a good thing....

  • xtremeinsanity

Happy birthday to GSMArena, the best in the business.

  • Shehroz

i have no words to explain how much i love this site. happy birthday GSM ARENA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kornetbeef

Almost forget wheres the cake?

  • Kornetbeef

Happy B'day!!!!

or in my language (Indonesia) Selamat Ulang Tahun GSMArena!!!

Love u always

Sebastian Surya.

  • The_hairy_one

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for all thge info overthe years, my job atVodafone would be much, much harder withoutthe bible that is your site. Top work, keep it going

  • Attamasc

Happy birthday in advance Gsm arena. You made phone to be in it summit of technology and create oppoturnity for us to know and have the best. We are glad and hope to see more of what you guys can offer. Happy birthday once again.

  • SHiV

Wish u happy year..

  • Anonymous

Happy birthday

  • perc

hey guys, congratulations for turning 11! i can still remember the first few times i visited your site. it was the nokia 3310 and its classmates i'd been checking out back then. ever since, you have been my reliable source of cell specs/info especially when i'm feeling the itch to buy a new one. all the best!