You can now remap the squeeze on the Pixel 2 to do something else

20 October 2017
You're no longer tied into Google Assistant, no root required.

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  • AnonD-690674
  • ub6
  • 24 Oct 2017

Google - plz hire some good phone designers.

    More versatility, more better.

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      • Anonymous
      • kms
      • 21 Oct 2017

      Sounds good. If i ever get my pixel 2. Preordered, got an email from Google to say there was a delay, offered me a free live case for the trouble! Delay of more than a month! I ended up cancelling.

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        • Kangal
        • uCX
        • 20 Oct 2017

        Anonymous, 20 Oct 2017I don't know why they don't give you the option to remap wi... moreIt's not about getting extra sales, but more so to push a look/feature/experience that Google thinks best represents them.

        Just like Samsung, the programmable button from the S6 Active was converted to a non-programmable Bixby button in the S8 Active. They want to emphasise their experience/assistant on the public.

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          • Anonymous
          • sX$
          • 20 Oct 2017

          I don't know why they don't give you the option to remap within the options. Surely giving you more freedom would help increase sales no?

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            • AnonD-684631
            • D0e
            • 20 Oct 2017

            Damn now loving Google Pixel do much. Good option instead of iPhone X