Nokia 9 leaks in new image; Nokia 2 gets certified in Russia

21 October 2017
Specifically, the Nokia 9 leak shows the back plate of phone.

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AnonD-691116, 22 Oct 2017There's nothing I can't stand more than camera protrusion. ... moreBecause the consumers want good cameras, and the manufacturers want to deliver that.

Do you want a camera with lower overall noise, more capable in low-light scenarios? You'll need a larger sensor for that. A larger sensor increases the camera thickness since the lens stack need to sit at a certain relative distance from the sensor.
Do you want as little distortion, lens flares etc as possible? You'll need not only high-quality lenses, but also more of them. This results in a thicker lens stack. In other words, a thicker camera module.
Do you want good autofocus? Autofocus increases the camera thickness.
Do you want optical image stabilisation? OIS increases camera thickness.

If you don't care about camera performance, there are flat-backed smartphones out there. But to those that want a stellar camera performance, a hump is a necessary sacrifice. Although technical innovations can reduce the module thickness, it's an issue that's at the heart limited by the laws of physics.

We've started seeing a move over to computational imaging now, where more camera modules are used in conjunction to give a combined larger sensor area, and therefore higher quality output. As such, we can expect to see thinner multi-camera modules rival thicker single-sensor modules. But all modules are limited in thinness by the same laws of physics.

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    • AnonD-691116
    • xEc
    • 22 Oct 2017

    There's nothing I can't stand more than camera protrusion. Why must every oem do this these days?

      Anonymous, 22 Oct 2017Nokia was a big firm with slot of money, so They could make... moreNokia is still a big firm with lots of money. And they've set a minimum market investment of €500 million over 3 years for HMD Global. That's quite a lot, and could easily be used for things like rewriting imaging stacks. I'm not sure how it would affect Android updates, but it certainly would increase software operating costs for HMD though.

      Using a dedicated ISP like the 808 PureView or the Pixel 2 would have none of these issues though, and is very doable. It would likely also be more energy efficient and faster, albeit adding to the cost of the phone.

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        • vV5
        • 22 Oct 2017

        Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, and Nokia 8 all FPS at the front people start complain-
        that nokia has no innovation and should make another one with the similar design that samsung or HTC have.
        Nokia 7 and Nokia 9
        comes with FPS at the back people start to complain that
        Thats copy samsung
        But they don't see the OZO audio, Indestructible one floor drop, natural photo of nokia, ability and safety of battery on nokia, a maximum acceptable of gaming temperature at 33 degree celcius.
        Back before samsung become top, nokia has stands for its function and technology feature. TODAY it just might have to follow, but the technology aspect. It was still there,
        Dare to challenge later more brand will start copy nokia by putting 3 mics on the phone. samsung will then REVIVE its dual shot in S4, apple could ditch the glass back later and put a solid metal plate with 16 screws inside the phone. Honestly, i am looking forward and opens to let OZO similar tech to be used by everyone because that could make things and our world great seriously.

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          • AnonD-660035
          • gBq
          • 22 Oct 2017

          We really need better cameras with larger sensors and nice lenses in smartphones again. Those 12 MP solutions and dual cameras with tiny sensors shouldn´t be the end of history. There is a market for it and many people wouldn´t care if the devices are slightly thicker. Nokia could just fit in the market gap of real camera dedicated phones like they did years before. But I guess that Nokia 9 will not be this phone.

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            • 22 Oct 2017

            FinnishInquisition, 21 Oct 2017That's true. But Nokia could go one of two ways that they'v... moreNokia was a big firm with slot of money, so They could make custom chips. HMD does not have that luxury. Custom chip Also means that updates to Android have to be made hard way... so not likely to happen.
            But Hopefully future snapdragons can handle better cameras! So it would be possible to see real competitors to pureview cameras with really big camera bump!

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              • DEQ
              • 22 Oct 2017

              Why is no 1 even talking about the actual photo apart from it revealing the location of the fingerprint scanner.
              1. Why does the top 2/3 part of the cover look different to the bottom 1/3? To the point where the cover looks slightly twisted.
              2. The shadows on the hand don't appear to always consistently follow the part its holding.

              This therefore means either the leak is a complete fraud or the leak is only designed to showcase the dual camera, fingerprint scanner and LED flash (no xenon :( flash)
              It would appear to hide the length of the phone & therefore information about the screen size, shape & ( I hate to bring this up) it's bezels or lack there of.

              Anyone else see anything I'm missing?

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                • Yann
                • stv
                • 22 Oct 2017

                FinnishInquisition, 21 Oct 2017I feel like people like you that ask for everything have no... moreYou're right - i'm not engeneer. But I'm consumer. I pay for such things!
                I had Nokia 8, Nokia 808, Nokia 1020, Nokia 930.
                I can leave with hump, but for exceptional camera performance, as was 808 and 1020 at their time.
                Front speakers will add thin bezels, that we fount even on Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8 etc. Also bezelless phones are inconvinient to hold, when you watch video or playing games. You always touch the screen by accident.
                Fingerprint on the back is totally inconvinient. Me and a lot of people do many things without to pick up the phone from the desk/table - when you have FPS on front or side.
                So, I'm right for myself and as a consumer and former NOKIA fan i expect the best. I'm not happy with very good camera performance - i want the best. Or i do not buy it.

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                  • 22 Oct 2017

                  Sony Fanboy Bitches, 22 Oct 2017diamond pentile hahahahahahaLaughs In daydream VR. A Fun toool which would still be used more than 4k content in next 3 years anyways....

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                    • 22 Oct 2017

                    FinnishInquisition, 21 Oct 2017I feel like people like you that ask for everything have no... moreNo it does. The worst thing in the world is the stupid fingerprint scanner on the back. Nothing I hate and regret more than switching my s7 edge to s8 . I went back to passcode because the scanner is so inconvenient. The retina and facial aren't either you have to face the phone.

                      Sony Fanboy Bitches, 22 Oct 2017Calm down, dreamers. Nokia won't be making a 41mp PureView... moreDSLR's often have sensors around 30-50 MP though. Those cameras also mostly destroy smartphones in suboptimal lighting conditions. In good daylight, the 41 MP sensor on a Lumia 1020 can capture absolutely stunning detail with low noise, and may be hard to tell apart from a DSLR capture.

                      I agree though; 20 MP is nice enough. It's the quality and size of the sensor and lenses that matter a lot more, followed by good software.

                        Calm down, dreamers.
                        Nokia won't be making a 41mp PureView smartphone camera anytime soon. I myself also want one, but I do believe that it's overkill.
                        DSLRs are of lower resolution yet destroys all smartphone cameras today, regardless of the software and hardware magic that they carry.
                        20mp on 1" sensor would be more than enough, and besides, I think people nowadays know that megapixels aren't everything.

                          Anonymous, 21 Oct 20171080p hahahadiamond pentile hahahahahaha

                            Anonymous, 21 Oct 2017Why you laugh? Hih that ugly design is confirmed -_-'Cause it's a pointless resolution. If anything, I couldn't find any proper content that is made in that resolution.
                            1080p contents are still more abundant, and while 4K isn't as abundant as 1080p, is still more than what you can find with a 2K.

                            Either they play it safe with 1080p or go all out with 4K instead.

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                              • John snow
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                              • 21 Oct 2017

                              Many of us were waiting for a proper flagship of 2017 and most of us were not impressed by Nokia 8. But his new one seems to tick all the right boxes so please don't delay it's launch no matter how loyal we are you can't assume we will wait much longer. At least launch before holiday seasons.

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                                • 21 Oct 2017

                                FinnishInquisition, 21 Oct 2017That's true. But Nokia could go one of two ways that they'v... moreNokia 10 will have 5.7 inch screen and 41 mp Carl zeis lens camera

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                                  • 21 Oct 2017

                                  Pls make an article about how apple broke “major design change every 3 years” promise

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                                    • 21 Oct 2017

                                    Nokia 9 will be legendary

                                      SZtadir, 21 Oct 2017But the Qualcomm processors don't support that massive 41 M... moreThat's true. But Nokia could go one of two ways that they've gone before to include a 41 megapixel sensor in a phone;

                                      1) Modify the Snapdragon 835 to handle it, like they worked with Qualcomm to rewrite the whole imaging stack on the Snapdragon S4 SoC to handle the camera on the Lumia 1020.
                                      2) Include a dedicated ISP, like they did on the 808 PureView with a Broadcom ISP chip.

                                      I don't think this will be a camera-dedicated flagship, like those two other phones. I just wanted to point out that supposed "hardware limitations" have never been a hindrance to Nokia engineers.

                                        Yann, 21 Oct 2017I'm so disappointed that rumors became true. FPS on the bac... moreI feel like people like you that ask for everything have no idea what kind of engineering effort goes into a smartphone.

                                        Front-facing speakers adds bezels. Finger-print scanners on the front adds bezels. A phone with large bezels doesn't sell. Besides, most people pick up their phones to use them, so having the scanner on the back makes a lot more sense for the majority.
                                        A larger sensor requires a hump due to optics, while an overall thicker phone won't sell well. Besides, a hump of 1-1.5 mm is tiny.
                                        A 3.5 mm port would only add further bulk and size at a time when the 3.5 mm port is being phased out, and would possibly make waterproofing harder or even impossible at a reasonable price.
                                        And we don't yet know any details such as IR transmitters or the battery size and endurance.

                                        So chill. Nokia knows how to design phones, and unless we want a 9 mm thick version of the Pixel 2 without waterproofing, I suggest we leave the real engineers to do the design.