Retailer offering up to $250 discount on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and Note8

23 October 2017
Specifically, the $250 discount is on the Verizon variants of these handsets. Purchasing the AT&T Note8 or Galaxy S8/S8+ will save you $200.

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  • Anonymous

Bernie, 23 Oct 2017This indicates that these devices are not selling well.Not what that shows.

  • Anonymous

Just a quick search for deals in uk In. The S8 on sale on Amazon for £527.99 Unlocked (save £161.01)
Plus there is a promotion where you can claim free VR Headset with controller RRP $119 although on sale at £104.01 Amazon UK.

That's a saving of $349.38 and I didn't even look very hard.

  • Anonymous

That's Samsung for ya. Smart people don't buy their crap on release

  • AnonD-218710

Ripple down effect through out world, by Christmas it would near 600$ I suppose. Very bad for initial customer who have spent 1045$ N8 945$ S8+. In future a lesson learnt, minimum 2 Qtr waiting is Must.

Why the heck isn't the S8 Active included ? :-(

  • Bernie

This indicates that these devices are not selling well.