HMD confirms Nokia 3 will get Android 7.1.2 update

25 October 2017
The company also revealed the reason behind the delay in roll out.

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  • GirishChGupta Gupta

I had purchased it Nokia 3 ,2months back online flipkart, but my complaint is BATTERY IS NOT SUPPORTING EVEN FOR 12 Hrs. Very funny. I'm using NOKIA mobile fon since from 2004. Plz advice any solution? My e-mail .. I'm awaiting your valuable reply?

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2017This is some of the disadvantages of Mediatek.. Less custom... moreThat's the reason the AT&T's LG K10, which has Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 chipset have received the Android Nougat while the LG K10 international (which comes with chip Mediatek MT6753) continues on Android Marshmallow.

  • Davood57

When HMD is producing Nokia is it an HMD or Nokia? When ADIDAS is producing NIKE, is it an ADIDAS or NIKE? I'm badly confused here,please someone help...

  • Hall

At first I was sceptical about buying the Nokia 3. With 7.0 it lagged here and there, but several months have passed and it received the update to 7.1.1. Now it runs pretty smooth, no lags despite the Mediatek cpu. Battery is good, I get around 6 hours of SoT with Wifi on. It also gets monthly security patches. I did a mistake by disabling some system apps, after enabling them, the phone immediately downloaded the updates. People recommended me to buy the Moto G5 or some Xiaomi phone but these phones will not receive monthly security patches or even system updates. In the end I am glad that I bought the Nokia 3.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2017Nokia is a greedy bitch company i mean who would charge you... moreCheck the quality of both before comparing price.. And even compare it with similar samsung, lg phone.. You will understand.. Yes even I did not like it.. Because moto was offering SD625 in moto g5 plus which is just 1000-2000Rs costlier than Nokia 6.. Xiaomi can go aggressive with price.. There are some other company like Coolpad, bla bla...... they offer it for even less price.. Don't just compare price..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2017Nokia is a greedy bitch company i mean who would charge you... moredont buy nokia then
quantity over quality

Why even bother with 7.1.2? These are Pixels/Nexus features.

  • Anonymous

Nokia is a greedy bitch company i mean who would charge you 16k for sd430 crap..... Xiaomi is selling thier sd430 phones fro 7k its less than lost its magic

Don't use Mediatek then

  • Anonymous

This is the reason we should avoid Mediatek chips phone, eg. Samsung Galaxy J7+ @ C7 (2017) & J7Max.

  • Anonymous

After aquirung of moto to lenovo their update service for which people bought moto is degrading AF.Seems like Nokia is very commited to its update policy and is the only good option to get stock android & updates with exceptional build quality in budget and midrange. Keep the good work Nokia "cough"hmd.

  • Anonymous

Should have choose the snapdragon 425

  • Anonymous

This is some of the disadvantages of Mediatek.. Less custom rom, slow update..