Oppo R11s shines in full glory in leaked press renders

25 October 2017
The phone will come with dual cameras on the back and an 18:9 FullView screen on the front.

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  • 26 Oct 2017

pity 1+ isn't unique, 25 Oct 2017OPPO sounds like OnePlus. And now it looks exactly the sam... moreOnePlus and OPPO have the same parent company: BBK Electronics.

    pity 1+ isn't unique, 25 Oct 2017OPPO sounds like OnePlus. And now it looks exactly the sam... moreoppo = one plus plus one

      Well this gives us the complete renders of the oneplus 5t. :P

        Hmm we'll see.

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          • Anonymous
          • QWI
          • 25 Oct 2017

          The phone is all about ergonomics and the light weight design looks very fragile, so easy to drop. If this had so much bulk and thicker design it wouldn't have been bad after all.

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            • KSw
            • 25 Oct 2017

            AnonD-94030, 25 Oct 2017the hell whats with the top and bottom? damn...designerstop n bottom actually look good compared to that general played out style

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              • AnonD-621147
              • kR3
              • 25 Oct 2017

              This is the Vivo x20. Rather have the Vivo in black/gold though since that one looks nicer and offers better software and camera

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                • AnonD-94030
                • H4X
                • 25 Oct 2017

                the hell whats with the top and bottom?

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                  • AnonD-710602
                  • mKZ
                  • 25 Oct 2017

                  Here we are looking design of the Oneplus 5T :) Cheers guy xD

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                    • 0ZG
                    • 25 Oct 2017

                    Small bezel phones all look the same...

                      For 9999999999999999$ like always from Oppa gangname style

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                        • AnonD-434356
                        • 8jX
                        • 25 Oct 2017

                        suspiciously similar to the alleged OnePlus 5T.
                        Or maybe it's not a surprise at all...

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                          • pity 1+ isn't unique
                          • a4P
                          • 25 Oct 2017

                          OPPO sounds like OnePlus.
                          And now it looks exactly the same!

                          The major difference is that 1+ uses the top-of-the-line SoC and has global-oriented software.

                          I guess BBK wanted to cut down costs, and use universal platforms for all of it's models and brands.

                          But is still is a pity that 1+ doesn't have a more distinct and unique and premium build. Now it's just generic...

                          This wasn't the situation with the OP3/3T. And ironically. OP5 is more expensive than OP3, in spite of the cost-cutting moves that BBK made... Maybe they had loss and this had cut them down...

                            This is going to be another pointless OPPO smartphone if they never add in any image stabilization methods. Oh yeah, and the software updates, pretty crappy gotta say. I haven't heard any update of theirs most of the time. Put those good hardware inside OPPO, it is still going to be garbage after a few months because most of the time there is no software updates

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                              • 25 Oct 2017

                              Micro USB? Wow...

                                Same designs makes me cry. WHY?!?

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                                  • AnonD-368020
                                  • XQh
                                  • 25 Oct 2017

                                  Imagine this in Matt black and you have One plus 5T here.

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                                    • AnonD-531164
                                    • ibj
                                    • 25 Oct 2017

                                    But that's just One Plus 5T right?