Apple refutes reports suggesting less accurate Face ID on iPhone X

26 October 2017
A recent Bloomberg report said that Apple has told suppliers to bring down the quality of Face ID components to ramp up production.

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  • AnonD-676032

Will Apple be lowering the price of the phone to compensate for reducing the quality mid-run?

  • AnonD-90793

Q, 27 Oct 2017Apple has: - the best devices [complete with antennagate,... moreCould not agree with you more!

  • Q

Fusion, 26 Oct 2017Why would we be upset? Apple has the best devices with the ... moreApple has:
- the best devices [complete with antennagate, bendgate, hissgate, displaygate. and many other -gate]

- the most tightly integrated ecosystem [macbook which is no better than generic high-end laptop; ipad which is cannot compete with ANY 2-in-1 Window-powered devices, let alone Surface; Watch? enlighten me what features in Watch people really needs except for bragging & show-off; airpods? for the asking price, there is NO BETTER products with BETTER sound?; itunes? history recorded that ever since ROKR E1 era up till now, itunes has been known as the most annoying, pain-in-the-ass softwares; icloud? how many nude leaks of famous celebrity has been leaked from the "most secure cloud service in the world that even FBI cannot hack into"?]

- best OS distribution [yeah right, the best because iOS & all parts of iphones are all about closed-source environment, down to the connectors being used, so they could control ALL of iphone-related parts' & accessories' price and sold it as pricey as possible.
BTW, the worth of an OS shown by the features in it, the freedom to explore and modify the part of the OS according to the user's taste, AND how much closer the OS to the "ALL-in-one PC replacement" in terms of usability, which shows that it is worthy of being called "smartphone", a combination of feature phone + mobile OS + PDA + multimedia player.
So, if a phone CAN'T transfer files via bluetooth, DON'T have file explorer, and WON'T add external storage slot for easy access of data backup, can it STILL be called "smartphone"?]

os. Fragmentaion is not the fault of Google as the owner of Android. It is the fault of the brands who decided to skinned the OS to their liking. Still, the fragmentation only makes it late to get updates, UNLIKE a certain brand which roll updates for older device in order to make it laggier so they will buy the new ones, and stop supporting 32-bit apps to force people buy their newer crap.

  • AnonD-337028

AnonD-582357, 26 Oct 2017I don't know if you read an article or a news responding to... moreif there is one place it should work its controlled keynote if not its not gonna work out in the wild is it?? Does not matter what excuses they give. Im in southwest, came in 1 hour early for pre orders going live this morning and not one person has pre ordered so far!

  • Anonymous

Im not gonna buy this phone if it doesn't have the most Important and most Secure "FINGERPRINT"

  • Anonymous

Less accurate?

So does mean the Fail ID, er I mean Face ID on the iPhone X's iNotch will work better or will fail even better?

  • Anonymous

if it's not true then they have the right to sue, it's what they're good at anyway...

  • Anonymous

Failure of Face ID will mean the start of Apple's irreversible decline. Apple stocks will nosedive. Apple has to make sure not only denying access to unauthorized persons via Face ID which is easy but also ensuring authorized users don't keep on getting denied access by Face ID, which means they'll have to input passwords very often.

  • ME

"less accurate" haha
The more accurate one did not work... this one must be better.

  • AnonD-691116

This is notch cool. Notch cool at all.
Stop it with the rush job apple and get the product right. It's expensive as it is, customers deserves better.

  • Anonymous

Anyone else feel like apple have been working on faceID alongside the fingerprint scanner under the screen but neither were ready in time so they compromised and ended up just using faceid because it was further along?

  • Anonymous

I really dont understand all this hype about faceid. Is it because its the feature other dont have? faceid is a fail for implementing a fingerprint scanner. And its just as unlock, nothing that needed evolution in the smartphone will be soon on 100$ phones...
reminds me the original iphone when we couldnt even copy/paste a link to send someone , but we had the beautifull slide to unlock..

  • Anonymous

Apple never tells truth, they unlock it slower but same accuracy because they told manufacturers to use less responsible chip with same accuracy.

  • Anonymous

I heard rumour that the power button actually includes a fingerprint scanner (like Sony) - just in case Face ID continue to fail.

  • Fusion

Kiyasariin, 26 Oct 2017Poor apple fans... not to hurt anyone. really. but I am sur... moreWhy would we be upset? Apple has the best devices with the most tightly integrated ecosystem and best OS distribution..Unless you own a Pixel or Nexus Google OS fragmentation is a joke..

  • Anonymous

"The quality and accuracy of Face ID haven’t changed. It continues to be 1 in a million probability of a random person unlocking your iPhone with Face ID."
How about the probability of the correct person being denied access Apple? Why did you not mention it in the keynote? Because it is worse than fingerprint as shown by Craig Federighi's face id fail?

AnonD-25208, 26 Oct 2017TouchID is one of the most refined fingerprint sensors out ... moreI think it's because they were not left with any space upfront to accommodate the touchid at front and could not replicate Sony's execution of it on the sides and did not want to place it at the back because it just looks hideous.

AnonD-582357, 26 Oct 2017I don't know if you read an article or a news responding to... moreThose just Quora posts and low grade blog posts. Show us some solid links to why it failed. Nothing was mentioned about it on GSMArena.

Things can fail unexpectedly but I don't like to buy the childish argument that it was not registered to Craig's face. It is one of the key features they were going to highlight, so they surly must have rehearsed several time before the live event.

  • AnonD-25208

TouchID is one of the most refined fingerprint sensors out there, I have no problems unlocking my iPhone 7+, it works so flawlessly compared to other smartphones. Why re-invent something if it's not broken? There will always be the PIN behind all this, so what's this gimmick all about. Seriously.

What is the failure rate? So far100% :)

We have seen it in action only two times. First time it was during the keynote and the second time was trying to unlock again because it failed in the first time. So failure rate 100%.

Jokes aside, lets hope they fix it before shipping.

Personally I don't like facial recognition because the number of patterns that need to match are less than with fingerprint or iris scanning.

I still use a pin code lol.