WhatsApp gets ability to delete messages

27 October 2017
You get to choose whether to delete messages for everyone or just for yourself.

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  • 27 Oct 2017

AnonD-368020, 27 Oct 2017Whatsapp can make a lot of money if they start charging for... moreit's not funny. if this needs to be a paid feature then they might as well do the $1 a year subscription fee. if they start charging money for a feature then i am sure other paid features to follow. you wanna open a can of worms? think before you talk

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    • 27 Oct 2017

    More suicide coming.! Thanks whatsapp

      AnonD-213, 27 Oct 2017again copying telegram Who cares?
      Do you work for telegram?
      I don't care who copies who as long the consumer benefits from it

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        • neha
        • X$W
        • 27 Oct 2017

        Whatsapp LIVE location is the best feature

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          • AnonD-368020
          • XQh
          • 27 Oct 2017

          Whatsapp can make a lot of money if they start charging for just this one feature. I think they should. Coz if you make a mistake you should also pay for it ;)

            Telegram has this ability from a long time ago...
            Plus, the telegram application has sync with all its applications on all platforms, including wondows 7.
            I think it's a much better application than WhatsApp

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              • AnonD-213
              • rmf
              • 27 Oct 2017

              again copying telegram

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                • fvL
                • 27 Oct 2017

                I bet this will save alot of marriages and bf/gf relationships😄.