Samsung Gear Sport and Gear IconX (2018) now available in US

28 October 2017
Both devices are listed on the South Korean company's official US website, carrying $299.99 and $199.99 price tag, respectively.

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Roy-86, 28 Oct 2017Thanks for the information. Basically 10 hours total. Sony ... moreAnd how is the WF-1000? I stayed away from the WF-1000 because it was true the disconnection to the right ear unit happened 5 times while I was just testing. The 3-hour per use charge was lacking as well. No, I will not spend $200 for something that is not working right.

So I waited and got the IconX 2018. Each ear unit has 82 mAh, and the case has 340 mAh. Doing the math with say 30% power transfer loss, it should charge about twice full charges. I don't know why Samsung only is advertising only 1 full charge. I can say they do last about 4.5 hours before you get a voice prompt telling you you have only 10% left. So their claim of 5 hours of streaming playback via Bluetooth is real. It takes some 1:40H to fully charge from 0%.

Sound quality is superb and loud with good base for $170. Well worth the price!

The best part is, the IconX has 3.4GB for audio tracks. I count some 300+ songs. And absolutely NO lag in audio for video, nor audio signal disconnection. Passive sound isolation is good but I'm replacing the ear tips with memory foam I just ordered. Ambient sound is good enough so you can hear without having to remove the units.

Ng, 28 Oct 2017New iconx can charge once Old 1.5 timeThanks for the information. Basically 10 hours total. Sony wf 1000x 9 hours total (3+6).

They need to do better to compete with airpods. I wish airpods would fit better.

  • Ng

Roy-86, 28 Oct 2017I couldn't find anywhere that how many times the case can c... moreNew iconx can charge once
Old 1.5 time

I couldn't find anywhere that how many times the case can charge the earbuds.
That's a very important information for me.
WRT battery life airpods are the best so far. But i returned them as it doesn't fit well. I should be getting the wf 1000x today but the battery life is a compromise. Gear ICON x has great battery life as per spec sheet but only thing I need to know is the case charging info.

  • Anonymous

It's 2017 going on right now.