Essential Phone update brings October security fixes, improved touch scrolling

30 October 2017
It also contains a fix for the KRACK WPA2 vulnerability.

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  • AnonD-705817

Include me in the 5000 or the people who are buying due to the price drop. This phone is great. I think the folks reviewing this device were biased. Apple ain't all that anymore. This device is better then any Apple phone. Buy it so you can try it, you will be surprised.

  • Anonymous

5000 users and still covered by gsmarena, why?

well I guess I'm one of those 5000 users.....LOL

I am really liking the device!! I am really proud of Essential they are correcting their mistakes and making right by users!!!

  • AnonD-625621

Important news for those 5000 ppl who own this phone...

Got the update. Scrolling seems the same at times with the choppiness, but sometimes it is gone/fixed.

Just because you're one of the founders of android, does not mean your first crack at a phone is going to be successful. They aimed way too high with this one. Should've did the One Plus approach where they gave flagship grade specs thag always undercut the mainstream competition.

  • Eske Rahn

For the same reason, the KRACK fix, the October update came late for BB a few days ago.­act-krack-vulnerability-blackberry-products

  • mav3rick

Nice...for those 'rare' ph-1 users :)