Samsung Galaxy S8 Active could be coming to Sprint too

04 November 2017
Previous Actives were AT&T-only, this latest one will see wider availability.

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Is this phone available for Asian countries?

  • AnonD-580901

Janis2017, 04 Nov 2017Why only them, every phone needs to be made like this also ... moreI'm sorry but there's a free market and you have a choice what to buy.
There are resistant phones by CAT and other brands that offer same protection

  • AnonD-580901

I have A Sony Xperia Z, X and x compact.
I would switch to Samsung so fast if there was S8 active in Europe...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2017I like samsung better because no notch.That’s pretty much a shill position.

Do they pay you in pennies per hour?

  • Kangal

AnonD-632062, 04 Nov 2017Why no review for the S8 Active?Because the Samsung S6/S7/S8 Active phones do not exist.
They're all renders on the internet and fake reviews, its a conspiracy man!
Seriously have you seen any in the wild??

Just kidding.
I do hope Samsung makes a Galaxy S9 Active early next year (March-June) and releases it at the same specs and price of the base/sleek SG S9 model. However, sells it unlocked for the international market. And has no funny bootloader, so that it may be unlocked like a Standard Model. I think many people would prefer an OEM fitted and tested drop protection, over a case that might mean less protection and bulkier size.

  • Anonymous

I like samsung better because no notch.

  • AnonD-691126

Good phone, but the previous Active phones were exceedingly beautiful. No thin slab of Aluminum will ever be better than camouflage ABS plastic and PVC rubber.

It is really good to see that major OEM MAKES PRODUCTS that make sense in other consumer interests, that speaks about commitment to customers, as these versions are not heavy sellers, other brands only produce cheaper, lighter or bling bling versions

  • Anonymous

When are they going to get samsung active in the UK.

  • Anonymous

The Active needs to stop being At&t exclusive. And be compatible with the VR.
A note Active would really be amazing.

  • keba

What about Europe?

  • AnonD-632062

Why no review for the S8 Active?

  • Janis2017

Why only them, every phone needs to be made like this also under 200 euro i dont need another broken glass phone whit water inside. i dont haw money for another. We need some rules to protect people from wasting money from these easy breakable phones in EU