Broadcom offers to acquire Qualcomm for $130 billion

06 November 2017
The offer stands whether or not Qualcomm's $47 billion acquisition of NXP goes through.

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Money is nothing when it comes to dominating market, they will get much more aftercowning qualcomm

  • AnonD-632062

$130 billion? That's a lot!

  • AnonD-463101

Yeah it won't happen :) This smells of a monopoly :D

Broadcom + Qualcomm = BroadQual? or QualBroad or ComComm?

  • Anonymous

SD835 only small improvement over SD820,
Sd810 total failure, SD808, 820 slight better but not the quality user expect from the hi price we pay. Qualcom not worth that much

  • AnonD-598677

not sure about this , this sound general, either its a processor or network chip

  • Anonymous

Well that would make it a third Mammoth on the stage & wouldn't mind much regarding it's mean reputation & could actually show good for CAF as last open resource.

  • Bewildered

.alpha, 06 Nov 2017Qualcomm's stupid CEO started an unwinnable fight against A... moreYour looking at the share price only as the reason

Apple is the purchaser i.e the buyer of product. It is Apples assertion that the price Apple is purchasing is too high.
Either Apple is right and pays a price from a set point in time, Qualcomm will still receive a lower revenue from a set point.... Or Qualcomm maintains the same price

Secondly Apple intentionally? shared Qualcomm "source codes" with Intel Qualcomms rival.
Intel do not have a presence in the mobile industry....

If Apple wanted to break free of Qualcomm having Intel build you chips, having a rival Intel to do this seems to be the best way but it is one that if proven will cost Apple millions.
Qualcomm would also look for an injunction to prevent Intel from effectively copying

  • AnonD-385420

Samsung might step in and overtake Qualcomm,as they always seem to work with Qualcomm to get the Best Android Chips before anyone else does,like the 845 chips for the future Galaxy S9 models

  • Anonymous

Just wait for their stock to crash, probably then it only cost $10b lolol

  • AnonD-456831

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2017Broadcom acquires qualcomm.. Sounds interesting appart from... moreSays the qualcomm user. Unless you have a huawei or an iPhone, you're either dense or a fanboy.

broadcom, qualcomm and NXP under one roof, hello antitrust and monopoly laws.

  • AnonD-27765

That's already the amount of GDP of one country.

  • .alpha

Qualcomm's stupid CEO started an unwinnable fight against Apple that left stock crashing from $69 to $49 and Broadcom coming in and buy out the company. This is textbook example of mismanagement

  • xOx

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2017Broadcom acquires qualcomm.. Sounds interesting appart from... morebut Broadcom should step up Qualcomm processor business to a high level since they are experts in what they do, i belive this deal will make Qualcomm the best chip maker ever, Intel and AMD is out ou bussines in mobile department, big players is only Sammycrappy and Qualcomm (since Mediacrap dont count for me...).

Lets see what they bring to market.

  • Anonymous

Broadcom acquires qualcomm.. Sounds interesting appart from the fact that qualcomm sucks

  • Anonymous

AnonD-349701, 06 Nov 2017Broadcom + Qualcomm = Cyborg Corp. ? O.o WTF are u talkin

  • AnonD-349701

Broadcom + Qualcomm = Cyborg Corp. ? O.o

  • AnonD-691126

Broadcom should add an extra M to its name.

  • Anonymous

Do everything you want. Just don't ruin anything.