A mysterious dual-cam Huawei pops up at TENAA

07 November 2017
The basic design suggests a lite version in the Huawei nova 2 portfolio.

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  • rich watarious
  • CGH
  • 11 Dec 2017

Now Huawei is doing every great thing I had wanted them to do including dual front facing camera. Now what I want them to do is flash light for front cameras. That will help us a lot sharpening us selfie pictures in low light conditions. Tecno has being doing it for more than 2 years now. It's very helpful.

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    • Kamarulnzam
    • tZk
    • 15 Nov 2017

    It huawei nova 2i...with dual camera in front n back...

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      • AnonD-714538
      • PSv
      • 09 Nov 2017

      gab, 07 Nov 2017maybe a successor to the nova lite? Probably.

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        • PSv
        • 09 Nov 2017

        It is probably the next phone in the Huawei P series.

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          • AnonD-712433
          • IVC
          • 08 Nov 2017

          LG superfan, 07 Nov 2017It will run android wow I am surprised I was expecting symbianI thought It will run Ubuntu.

            Honor V10

              LG was like this back in the days and Sony.They spammed mobile phones with unfinished specs,either one will have decent chipset and camera or other will have great screen and battery.Now Xiaomi,Huawei,Oppo are spamming the market.None involves inovation and only depends what will the big companies will make.
              I am simply bored to all the same companies mentioned over and over.Where is Lenovo,LG,Sony and Samsung to mention some nice mid range phone with great specs rather than only flagships.

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                • gab
                • v0q
                • 07 Nov 2017

                maybe a successor to the nova lite?

                  It will run android wow I am surprised I was expecting symbian

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                    • AnonD-368020
                    • XQh
                    • 07 Nov 2017

                    That happens almost every week.