Weekly poll results: the Razer Phone is a clear fan favorite

12 November 2017
The unique screen and high-quality audio are marked as the highlights of the Razer.

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ANdroid modder, 12 Nov 2017i guess you are the one who does not know anything. you sho... moreHaha, what a joke. "Performance"? It's just a Snapdragon 835, it's not a Tegra X1 or even a Polaris-based Tegra. It can't stream games off your PC. And no 3.5mm jack for an audiophile headphone for gaming? Is it still a "gaming" device?

I like how other people are commenting on "function over form". As if a lack of a headphone jack and a lack of game streaming apps is function over form. 120Hz means nothing if there's hardly anything you use it for.

  • Pango

This phone is great with its unique features but very bad battery time and really low brightness of the screen makes me question if i should buy it or not

  • ChipZander

razor special edition phones sold out in uk

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2017It's a cool looking phone, nice quality and loud speakers a... moreWhy would you pay games on a phone though. Switch has a million times better titles and iphone had most of the same with better quality. Buying an android for games seems so counter intuitive.

Who thought that?!?

  • Anonymous

It's a cool looking phone, nice quality and loud speakers and a 120hz screen are two decent things if you basically just want to play some games and listen to some music. 3.5mm jack is getting replaced on a few phones and I'd prefer it there but oh well. Either way it's got some flaws and it's got it's unique features (like iphone x) but I feel it just got a harder and less fair review on this site than the iphone x did. Iphone had flaws with the notch, bad gestures, rushed implementations, lack of truly revolutionary features (face id being the only thing and it replaces a common and not overly intrusive method of using a simple password). Iphone had a slight convenience be it's only prop to escape criticism of being an overpriced phone playing catch up with last years features but it feels it escaped any true criticism. It is a strong performer to be fair but still bad value and lacking in anything revolutionary. This 120hz screen at least has a big impact for those that want it.

  • AnonD-441601

This phone is great i just love it.
Wonder when i can buy here in Slovakia.
My previous razer mouse lasted 12 years.
So i am expecting a lot from a razer phone.

  • AnonD-441601

TechLover1, 12 Nov 2017Yeah, I absolutely agree. Overall, they (it) really deserve... moreAgree mate ths phone is just too great for the people and they are too blind to see the truth as it is.

  • AnonD-711468

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2017I prefer function over form. There is no point having a pre... moreMiMix was both function and form. Much greater battery (4400 Mah), similar size, much bigger screen...

The idea that the two are exclusive always seemed weird to me.

  • Mark

This smartphone sounds good. I am interested in it

  • AnonD-595251

Vegetaholic, 12 Nov 2017I don't know what you considering best or gaming phone, but... moreI use Exynos version of the Galaxy Note 8 , I regret choosing it over a OP5 or a Razer because I spent way too much on a poor battery.

  • HP Enthusiast

Looks like Sony Xperia Z's series in the past.

The true gaming phone must have at least:
1) 3.5 mm audio jack.
2) true wireless charging(without putting it on the charging pad)
3) Truly capable SoC.
4) highly endurance battery.

So, this phone is not really yet to be called as gaming phone.

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2017First, display refresh rate is measured by Hertz (HZ). Seco... moreYou look like a damn fool
The battery on the Razer is straight garbage
Just look at the review
120hz with max brightness of 233 nits is just plain awful
120hz uses more battery. Simple

  • TheSilenceOfTheGoats

Totally! Most lovely, usable, Superb and... Phone I've ever seen!! I love this thing that: also known as:
Razer Phone! That's all

  • Anonymous

Wouldn't matter if this phone had a genuine controller attachment sold in the box, smartphone nerds can never be satisfied with any sort of niche product companies tailor for them.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-304479, 12 Nov 2017This phone looks absolutely amazing. The phones specs look ... moreFirst, display refresh rate is measured by Hertz (HZ). Second, I call BS on battery life statement. The difference between oled and ips displays is negligible. If you think that double refresh rate would increase battery consumption then you have a lack of knowledge. Why would you make a claim without doing even some research (It's just a few clicks to type into the search bar how refresh rate affects power efficiency). I also noticed that you can't even do a simple search, but you can write a long a$$ text.

AnonD-595251, 12 Nov 2017Great Build , Best Android Specs , Best Speakers on a mobil... moreI don't know what you considering best or gaming phone, but this phone does nothing what you said best. First of all, phone is not best in specs or even most powerful one. Exynos 8895 chipset is faster, so phones like s8 or note 8 is already more powerful, not even talking about iPhone 8 or X which 3 times faster, second there is no exclusives, so basically nothing to play except same titles available as to any android phone. No 3.5 jack, which is must for long gaming sessions. No amoled, amoled is more superior in multimedia and gaming for vivid graphics and superb contrast(check ps vita). 120 hertz panel will not save phone, which is not even offering anything serious to play or console level power, why should I even consider it when any other top flagship????

  • AnonD-595251

Great Build , Best Android Specs , Best Speakers on a mobile device , Great Pricing , Enough Details on the camera for Snapseed , Huge Battery... What more could you ask for ? oh wait a 120Hz IGZO IPS panel !.. Multiple bangs on $699 you spend on ! Stocks are gonna vaporize this holiday season.. If not , admit that world's is full of stupid people ! because this is exactly what people asked for.. except for that 3.5mm jack but the THX cetified Audio DAC and the huge battery makes up for it, not to forget the Quick Charge 4+ !

  • AnonD-304479

This phone looks absolutely amazing. The phones specs look amazing but specs are the whole story, it's how the manufacturer implements them. Camera sensor is good, camera app is terrible. Then there is the 4000mAh battery that somehow lasts less time than some 3000mAh battery. I expect the battery life problems are due to the screen running at 120fps. Tbh even though I haven't used the phone so my opinion may change if I get to use it but i don't think the 120fps screen would be that big of a thing for me using the phone. I would much rather have a 60fps OLED screen and a above average battery life than this phones 120fps LCD screen and below average battery life

  • Anonymous

I prefer Razer phone to Apple's phones and Beetroot's (Google's pixels) phone's!! Lack of 3.5mm Jack headphones!? Well, I did forget that! Razer, great job

  • Anonymous

Vegetaholic, 12 Nov 2017Second most overhyped phone after iPhone X. Call it whateve... moreThe most powerful PCs are great for gaming, even without naming them gaming PCs, so there is nothing wrong with Razer calling their phone a gaming phone, especially if it does gaming better than other Android phones.

To be fair, the best gaming phone is the iPhone, heh heh.