Qualcomm rejects Broadcom's takeover offer

13 November 2017
Broadcom offered to acquire the Snapdragon designer for over $100 billion.

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  • Silent Line

GG. Not a good deal seeing cheap phones go expensive hehe.

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2017Qualcomm is a big turd thats all. Not worth 1$Lol, the biggest ARM semi conductor company the world, with thousands of exclusive patents in the soc and modem space. Turd, lol.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2017Haha apple speaking about overpaying.! LolLol Only ifans believe that, they willing to pay hi price for battery getting bigger less than 2months (i8), greenish screen and defective ear phones (iX)

  • truth.man

Your question is ...if apple buy Qualcomm..??..my answer is...the my Panasonic eluga i2 cost will shoot upto 1.50 lakhs INR and poor mindless peaple stand in the long lasting ques to buy it first

  • AnonD-689209

Thanks God deal rejected. After under brodcomm then Qualcomm destroy slowly.

If Apple buy Qualcommm, What will happen?

  • Anonymous

Qualcomm is a big turd thats all. Not worth 1$

  • AnonD-188372

And there is no law of nature that says holding firms like Softbank will last for ever.
They also have some vulnerabilities,as does everybody and every individual business,they maybe big,they may have huge backing,but so have others in the past that no longer exist !!

  • AnonD-188372

Hardly suprising,it's a cheeky bid while the price is lower than normal,it will go back up and even though as others on here have pointed out,Qualcomm could face an iffy future if things don't go right for them,but it only takes one innovation/idea and their value could rocket..

  • Anonymous

Haha apple speaking about overpaying.! Lol

Broadcom, Qualcomm, com, com......

I want to com, if you know what I mean.

  • AnonD-632062

A case of serial under-valuations.......

  • Kangal

Kind of a smart move from Qualcomm, they should sell, but not before raising the sale price.
I say this as Qualcomm's in a pickle at the moment as being completely reliant on the mercy of Samsung and TSMC for wafers, and at set prices. And being mostly reliant on SoftBank's ARM architecture.

Should someone like MediaTek be able to produce SoC's with a decent LTE modem, Qualcomm could see either their market share tank, or their profit margins diminish. And each year this scenario becomes more and more a reality. This means ultimately that Qualcomm's business will hit a plateau at some point, then it will fall/crash.

If the board are good at business, they will inflate the figure and sell the company before they plateau.