Samsung brings Tizen 3.0 to the Gear S3 with a Value Pack update

20 November 2017
The Gear S3 comes with new widgets, better UX and controls IoT devices through the Samsung Connect app.

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  • 22 Nov 2017

random, 22 Nov 2017theyre a widget. swipe all the way to right and select add widgetThanks, but no, those widgets do not show..

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    • random
    • Q5T
    • 22 Nov 2017

    Rui, 22 Nov 2017I have installed the update (Portugal) but I have not found... moretheyre a widget. swipe all the way to right and select add widget

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      • Rui
      • Mq5
      • 22 Nov 2017

      I have installed the update (Portugal) but I have not found two new functionalities you mention in your review: 1) how to make reminders for drinking water, and 2) the calorie balance assistant. Can you please confirm these are available? Are they widgets? Thanks

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        • 21 Nov 2017

        Update received in South Africa.

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          • Tommy
          • I8j
          • 21 Nov 2017

          I haven’t received the update. Am I the only 1 on this island?

            AnonD-715579, 21 Nov 2017Haven't heard anything about a tarzen phone. Let Samsung ma... moreall the samsung galaxy Z series is a Tizen phones.
            there are the Z1 (Specs in a gist here: Z1)
            The Z2 (does not have a summed up specs. but I'll list here what's important:
            CPU: 1.5 GHz 4 Cores. (likely A7)
            RAM: 1 GB LPDDR3
            Storage: 8 GB
            Screen: 4 (3.97 to be exact)in 480x800
            LTE cat4
            Battery: 1500 mAh)
            Z3: (SUMMED UP specs: Z3)
            And lastly the Z4: (key specs: Z4)
            Sequencing the Prowess from weakest to strongest. (And don't ask me why it's that way:
            Z1->Z2->Z4->Z3. (Arrow indicates weaker than)
            there WAS a rumor for a flagship Tizen phone. but it never came to action.
            SOURCE for specs:

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              • AnonD-715579
              • fjT
              • 21 Nov 2017

              Haven't heard anything about a tarzen phone. Let Samsung make at least one and we will see how the platform performs as compared with android.

                GPS still is slow on lock and poor accuracy when working out. Old Water/Coffee widget was better. Slower BT transfers. Widget reorder is stupid. Decrease in performance

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                  • F3T
                  • 20 Nov 2017

                  I'm hoping someone can help me with my question in regards to using the watch at the gym. Can I leave my phone at home and stream music (wifi) on the watch's Spotify app onto bluetooth earbuds?

                    Kiyasariin, 20 Nov 2017Waiting for the frontier update. ;-; I got the SM-R760I just got it, German model :)


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                      • bruno
                      • s0M
                      • 20 Nov 2017

                      and still no voice messages for, viber, messenger or so...why? they are already in that aplications

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                        • PiCosm
                        • mpR
                        • 20 Nov 2017

                        Great update, just installed it, but it causes one of my 3rd party watch faces to flicker every second. Have uninstalled and re-installed it to no effect. Wrote to the dev anyway to notify them.

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                          • Mailman
                          • jdg
                          • 20 Nov 2017

                          Nice watch but Samsung needs to learn from Apple and make also different sizes. One size will never fit everyone, especially if it's very big.

                            No update yet for a spanish frontier.

                              Waiting for the frontier update. ;-;
                              I got the SM-R760