Samsung Galaxy X support page goes live

20 November 2017
The support page signals imminent announcement.

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Touch screen was last major innovation that has been pretty much here for years now, and is pretty much refined and brought to almoust perfection.
Now we need next big thing.
And this might be it!

  • AnonD-726637

The closest thing we actually got to a foldable phone from Samsung in 2013 was the Samsung Galaxy Round. This was far from the prototypes and concepts we’d seen, but as the world’s first curved screen smartphone it was a big step in the right direction.

  • Lumina

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2017Apple names its iPhone "[number]S" -- Samsung names its G... moreSamsung releases S3 in 2012. S2 in 2011. While the first iPhone with the name S is the 5S in 2013. So what's your point? If you're saying about Plus then yes iPhones used it first with 6Plus followed by Galaxy S6 Plus. But definitely not the name S.

  • AnonD-710493

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2017Apple names its iPhone "[number]S" -- Samsung names its G... morelol, of all the elements of innovation to critic, you chose the name. It's just a name mate, chill. The name "iphone' was copied from cisco and it wasn't a big deal like always....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2017Apple names its iPhone "[number]S" -- Samsung names its G... moredont be so dumb.. samsung already use the "X" few years back

a search on google shows multiple result about their X prototype phone

Well, to be perfectly clear, then X in the name for Samsung phone has allready been used and the new one has been rumored for some time now. So to be perfectly honest, if Samsung didnt have internal information, then this time the Big A followed the Big S (Galaxy Nexus was also refered Galaxy X in some contexts)

  • Anonymous

Apple names its iPhone "[number]S" -- Samsung names its Galaxy phones "S[number]"

Apple outs a revolutionary iPhone, names it "X" -- Samsung will out a revolutionary phone sometime, will name it "X"

One creates, one follows. Why? Why not come up with something original?

  • AnonD-632062

I'm positive this one will be prononunced "eX", instead of the lame "Ten"....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2017Samsung.. don't jump numbers. The last time you jump one... moreYou noob.. Samsung X moniker has long been in the making.. It is the product of project valley-the first foldable screen on a mobile phone by Samsung.. First prototype showed in 2013/2014 way before the iPhone X.. Noob

  • Anonymous

Samsung.. don't jump numbers.

The last time you jump one number, it exploded.

  • AnonD-120062

And were´s the notch????....

  • Markobarko

About time.