Samsung may be working on a Star Wars-themed Galaxy Note8

22 November 2017
BB-8 showed up to promote Bixby, but the phone's exterior seemed unchanged. 

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  • lame

so theyll put a logo from this lame movie and increase the price by a few hundred hoping for some rich parents to buy this lame sh** for their kids?

  • Anonymous

I dont think most of the wouldn't like to hear maybe maybe...
Maybe next Samsung will introduce flexible smartphone, maybe S9 will come stacked camera sensor, maybe CEO can be jailed....

  • AdamBoy64

Force Majeure, 22 Nov 2017I became a SW fan around 1980, when I was a little kid, with my ... moreThat is interesting.
I've watched TFA and Rogue One, and I really liked them, they appeal to me much more than the old movies. Guess it's a different target audience these days.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-705970, 22 Nov 2017Power of the LAG!!!Only in the eyes of jealous haters like you

  • Anonymous

Samsung Wars Episode 8: The Lag Jedi

  • AnonD-632062

Obi-Wan is here. The Force is with him. So is a Star Wars themed Note8 and a S-Pensaber.
Oh, and by the way, Rey is his granddaughter.......

  • AnonD-80794

So, no wacom-induction-powered-led-lasersaber-like S-Pen ? BUMMER

  • AnonD-705970

Power of the LAG!!!

  • Herpyderp through your nose for a wallpaper and an icon set?

  • Force Majeure

I became a SW fan around 1980, when I was a little kid, with my friends. We hated the TFA, my friend was even asking when we saw it in cinema the first time "It's it over yet?".