The iPhone SE sequel tipped to launch in Q1 next year

22 November 2017
Rumor has it that the phone will keep the diminutive size and affordable (by Apple standards) price.

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  • AnonD-729694

I hope it will come with new chips and cameras. Also a better screen resolution.

  • Matjazz

I hope exterior stays the same with 3.5 jack, bezels and all.

  • AnonD-709656

LG Q6 and the upcoming Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 might offer somethings better then...
They have bezel-less designs unlike the iPhone SE 2.

  • A10 Chipset

There could be a very good reason that Apple aren't going to use the latest A11 Chipset.

Is it because it will have closed the difference in screen size between the iPhone SE2 and the iPhone 7S?

Expect a 4.5" 720 x 1280 resolution screen (326dpi). You heard it here first!

  • Anonymous

I'm curious , if Apple will be lazy enough to leave 3.5mm jack on this one.

  • Critic-0

.probably a best replacement upgrade to my iPhone 5s. few more months to wait, hopefully.

  • Anonymous

I am waiting please make it great and bezel less also

  • AnonD-607239

If it comes in a 5c type frame I'd be interested. Durable with no case .

Surficial, 22 Nov 2017Not much of an upgrade if it's the same but A10. Bump to 4... moreYeah. agreed here. an A11 smaller bezels will be pleased changes.

AnonD-368020, 22 Nov 2017I would love to have a 5" SE device. Don't like new curvey ... moreJust grab a normal iPhone 7. the SE is MEANT to be tiny.

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017Goodbye 3.5mm jack.... lelnot certain. perhaps the SE2 will keep it. we don't know yet.

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017My guess... 4.2" HD screen 12MP rear, 5MP front 1340 ... more1640 mAh rather. the original SE had 1624 mAh.

  • Anonymous

I like iPhone se.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017Would you prefer with FaceID or TouchID?? VoteFace ID all the way. It lowers the alarm sound when you just look at it. Notifications on lock screen are hidden, and display by just looking. So many cool additional features via Face ID.

  • Sawsan

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017Would you prefer with FaceID or TouchID?? VoteNeither; I prefer nose ID.

  • Anonymous

Such a small phone must include the water-resistant, if not, the pocket dusts oily hands and sweat of the body would age bad to the phone.

  • Sarchi

2 years back, original iphone SE was launched in India at 39K/49K. Currently it's available at half the price. This time, even if, the phone is made in India, Apple won't reduce its price. Who will pay 40K/50K for iphone SE, when there are multiple phones available.

  • AnonD-584816

iPhone se X I am in. Even my iPhone 7 is tall phone for me. iPhone X like design in 5inch will do

I hope for change in design. Maybe not drastic, but at least something like iPhone 6s. By reducing the height of the device, it's proportions would look better.

A lot has been said about design of iPhone, but I feel currently it's design proportions are good enough( it's open for disagreement as it is my opinion. Someone can have a different opinion too). Doing different doesn't mean doing it deliberately just for sake of it. OPPO VIVO GIONEE have established themselves by replicating this very design.

SONY, MOTOROLA & Blackberry (original) are more original in design. Samsung,LG and Xiaomi are not bad either.

  • Tenny C

Cant wait