Samsung to show Galaxy S9 and S9+ at CES in January, bigger model gets more RAM and dual camera

22 November 2017
They will be very similar in looks to their predecessors, but with some small tweaks.

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  • 22 Nov 2017

No. Don't make the S9 less endowed than the S9 Plus, by removing the Dual Camera from it. See, this is why people hate Apple even more. They make these dumb decisions which other either blindly or are forced to copy just to stick with the so-called "industry leader".

Just hope Samsung sticks to it's senses (unlike Apple, HTC, Moto, Huawei, Xiaomi, Essential) and will keep the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

I know the S9 will have better fp scanner position. After all, Samsung listened to consumers and brought back microSD card and IP protection from the S7 onwards.

Stereo speakers on a Samsung flagship? I have been hearing that since time immemorial, yet it never materialises when the product is unveiled. Will just have to see to believe it.

But I personally feel, the S9's and the Note9 will be a grand success. Now that the revolution part of the tick-tock is over with the S8, they can do the evolution part and give us a refined one just like the S7 edge. I hope next, Samsung flagships push towards the 4000 mAh mark, so as to get an even better battery life.

And lastly, from what I hear SD 845 and is going to be a big leap unlike the slightly unimpressive SD 835....