Black Ceramic and Starck Edition Mi Mix 2 go on sale on Nov 28

23 November 2017
The Starck Edition is inscribed by the famous designer himself.

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  • Mikey

I used to HATE dealing with Stark's crap products and crazy customers at my old job.

Stupid headphones that were 4x the reasonable price because of that @$$clown. $1800 pair of BT speakers (yeah it had wifi but that NEVER worked), looked like traffic cones and were only useful as such @ 13 months after purchase... because god forbid you could replace just ONE of them!!! $500 picture frame that would find creative ways to brick itself, loosing your pictures you stored on it to the sands of time. I dreaded working on those.

I hope for the sake of the Mix 2 that they don't suffer anywhere near the level of problems OR the self entitled customers we had to handle. I also pray that the staff there isn't subjected to his attitude during office visits to launch new products...

His name on the design of the phone is the sole reason I wouldn't touch this thing. even though it does have some nice specs and seems like its a great phone.

No 4000 mAh no buying Xiaomi.

  • eMonter

Are you sure the Starck Edition is like the unibody? It looks different in the render, I mean, looks like it has a metal frame

  • Starck

Less "material", more "humanity"

The real inspiration of this phone came to me when I visited Japan years ago, when I sit down watched one of japanese channel. There I watch funny Softbank ads with talking-white-dog with his human-black-son telling that SharpAquosCrystal (packaged with Harman Kardon speaker system) now available on Softbank Store as part of Softbank's campaign promotion called "SUGOSUMA" or Sugoi-Sumaho literally means "Awesome Smartphone".
When I visited Softbank Store, there I see bezelless smartphone, and then I think what if I replace the material with ceramics? And then I designed Mi-Mix, now this new version Mi-Mix 2 I put some inspiration from todays trend like LG G6, display with rounded corners.


  • ZloiYuri

Akinaro, 23 Nov 2017seriously? Not only you compared cars look to phone look but al... moreOne more theoretician. I prefer to look at things in the wild. Not like you. Photos... Are you serious? And these people say domething about design and other things like this. You don't even imagine what are you talking about. People like you measuring life in megahertz, inches, horsepowers and other unnecessary things. Sure - you eating fastfood, because who cares taste - it's all just calories.

ZloiYuri, 23 Nov 2017Ok. So any car is hust piece if thin iron surrounding human. The... moreseriously?
Not only you compared cars look to phone look but also you started rambling about designer putting souls to two slabs of glass...

Just go to phone search in gsma catalog, choose few devices from 2016-2017 with screen off, and compare their looks. More than half of them look the same, rest, like Sony or HTC devices have their own style but still lack any proper design details.
Design of today devices doesnt exist actually. Whole proces is based on materials they use to build it and placement of few components.

Stop that nonsense and look at it in wider perspective. Truth is that phones lack details and nice design. Everything is based only on materials they use. Just look at older devices. Every OEM and every series had different look, nice touches, lines, placement of components, different materials. They where top dogs of their era, and even if some where made from plastic even today they look and feel better than some new devices.
Look for example at HTC diamond, imagine if that device was made today with better quality materials, or look at older Xperias, like for example Arc or Ray. They looked cool, becase of those small lines and bends. they where uique and look nice even today.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017They could have done 3 sided bezelless phone but then they had t... moreThey had already solved it in the original (using a very innovative method too).

All they had to do is not to give up on their ideas and merely make them better. That is what "2" means, not scrapping "1"

  • ZloiYuri

Akinaro, 23 Nov 2017"Less material, more Humanity" dude... when the phone screen ... moreOk. So any car is hust piece if thin iron surrounding human. They are the same. No soul there, right?
I think you just don't differentiate good looking goods and badlooking ones. And think pocket pc ui is the best. Right?
I can explain. Designers giving nice look even to two glass slabs and metal frame between. Do you know how? Bringing talents and soul into these goods. It became not just "two glass slabs" etc. You will never understand what that means, sorry. Everything surrounding you is just pieces of utilitarian materials.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017Exactly! This is an S clone which is especially weird given that... moreThey could have done 3 sided bezelless phone but then they had to solve speakers issue and palm touches too. They did degrade battery and 3.5 jack(reason I won't buy it). Rest assured they did a good job imho

  • Anonymous

Lol less material more humanity? 6.0 inch phone???? Lol

  • Anonymous

Akinaro, 23 Nov 2017"Less material, more Humanity" dude... when the phone screen ... moreExactly! This is an S clone which is especially weird given that Xiaomi was the one that started the bezeless craze and their first iteration was absolutely marvelous.

I don't even know why this dude is still on board. They literally took the soul out of the original with Mi Mix 2. Gone the golden touches, gone the 3-sided bezelness... heck they even dialed some of the specs back.

Xiaomi is unique at making successors that are clearly worse (look at redmi Note 5s SD625 instead of Note 3's sd650 as another exampke).

"Less material, more Humanity"

dude... when the phone screen is off, this phone look like any other phone: black slab without any soul.

Seriously for past few years all phones lack any details, if not different back material and placement of camera/fp scanner you could not reconize any of phone.

If you would add "humanity" to it. Phone would have some unique details. lines, anything.
It really dont cost much to add some unique touch to phone. Especially when they cost more than 500$ for that price it would be nice to have something more exciting than two slabs of glass between metal frame that have just two-three buttons and hole for usb...