The BlackBerry 8820 with Wi-Fi pops up

18 July, 2007
The BlackBerry 8820 is the first smartphone from RIM that combines EDGE/GPRS/GSM and gives you, for the first time, Wi-Fi connectivity. The 8820 has a full QWERTY keyboard, a large display...

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  • Pisal

I am using SIM Card that support GPRS and i want to use internet with that one, but i cannot connect it. so how should i connect 8820 with GPRS sim card to use internet and get email?

  • ann

I have have the bbery 8820 and cannot get wi-fi. I get an ip but it says vpn disabled. any ideas

  • venky

can you please confirm if the microSDHC memory slot works in blackberry 8820 as it the news dated 18th july (The BlackBerry 8820 with Wi-Fi pops up) it says the microSDHC memory slot is compatible in blackberry 8820?

  • Anonymous

wicked device no doubt bomba clarrrrttt

  • Lia

I think, it is very great emprovement if we can switch seamlessly between GSM network to VoIP, even in the middle of conversation.
Woow... great..great.
Iam using SGH-I600 now, I can use VoIP, with skype.

  • Beber

On the specs tab you'll find :
Wi-Fi 802.11b
On the main description, points forts = pros
Moreover, it's already been encountered that some technical specs are disabled because the mobile is less expensive purchasing it from an operator. Some Nokia N95 vodafone has VoIp disabled for instance.

  • ben

I used to love visiting this site but reading some of the comments here just get me annoyed!! lets compare the 8820 to Nokia N95????!!!! why??!! the N95 is NOT a business phone. BlackBerry is the most used platform in the business market they arent trying to sell the 8820 to "consumers'!!

to answer some peoples questions about the phonebook and it not matching if you save it as +44 for example. Go to Call (green Button) press options - go to smart dialling - and choose ur country code. So me in the UK would choose +44 and make sure my number length is set to 11!! see easy!!

with the text messages you can do it on the new handsets, not sure about the Pearl, go to Messages - options and SMS Inbox and you can set it as Seperate or combined!!

Looking forward to getting the 8820!!

  • felix

is the model the same like curve or more like the 8800?
or a completely new design?

  • Larry Mehaffey

Great! This phone is greatly needed. I use a Belkin Wi-Fi phone in addition 2 my Sprint Mobil PC phone. However, I wonder if it works o Sprint or if I will need 2 change carriers?



Blackberry is blackberry nothing can beat this phone wat ever it can do.So none of the sucklers should complain about this.

  • omariworld

something is wrong with the site that you posted the link for. they claim to be selling the 8820 but don't list the wifi as a feature. maybe it's a mistake either on the model# listed or the specs for the product. i know the 8820 comes with wifi i just don't know if it's available in france.

  • Beber

Retail price in france 419 € so omariworld, you should be happy :)

  • omariworld

*mixing between emails isn't an isue because each email account has it's own icon. you could veiw all at one time with a certain icon. i feel your pain if would like sms to have it's own icon.
*you can add your call log to your inbox so you could have an unlimited call log.

i hope that helps you with those questions. i have the 8800 and adding the wifi would eliminate my iphone envy. please make this phone under $450 and i would be the happiest customer ever!

  • jowie

will this be a new rival of nokia e61i? E61i rocks!

  • Robert

I used to be a Nokia user & i thought i wld try the BB pearl phone;I loved its light weight, "pearl" usage, internet & email connectivity, "safe" box, locking system. However the major disadvantages which i take as something granted is as follows:
* No linkage between the SAME # if it is written with country code or without. ex. If u save a # such as 050 6541567 with the corresponding name "Henry" & u receive a call from Henry +971 50 6541567, the name "Henry would not appear" & vice versa. It is very irritating when the network u r on sends the telephones WITHOUT country code so then u have to save them WITHOUT the country codes so that the name "Henry" appears, & then u go roaming & u want to call "Henry"; hence u have to edit the number to put country code & then dial
* NO sign of "call waiting" when u call someone & this someone is busy on the phone with someone else
* Mixing between emails from different email boxes & sms messages in the messages box
* Mixing between received, sent & missed calls & thus limiting the total # of calls to 20
If anyone can help me with these 4 main problems, i think this will be the perfect phone
If not, i will have to change it with Nokia E61i

  • Mick

@kianwei: how can you compare this to a Nokia N95? This is a business phone, its not meant to be 'equal' to a N95.
N95 is meant to be a great allround phone, mainly for the people who want a top of the notch phone, and on paper the specs are. Still I find it kinda plastic-fantastic.
Where the 8820 is meant for business people who want to take their office on the road. And Blackberry's ROCK at it.
So in my opinion you are comparing two way to different phones. A comparison you cant even make I think.

A Blackberry with WiFi... that just rocks. But to bad it doesnt have UMTS/HSDPA since that would be very usefull when not being close to a WiFi access point.

  • Cappy

If i know anything this thing is going to be pricey and that going to cast it some customers... but when the sale price goes down its going to jump in sales. It sounds like the best smart phone you can really buy.

  • kirk

Its very good phone,hastop of the range technology.

  • Jorgie

okay now RIM...i bought the 8800 and love wifi....your going to break me...t-mobile....get on this so you can make some money off of me..