1.5 GHz HTC Eternity leaks, boasts a huge 4.7-inch Super LCD screen

30 June, 2011
The first HTC handset to ship with the latest update to Windows Phone 7 Mango has leaked and it comes with a bang -- a monstrous 4.7-inch Super LCD screen. Along with some initial specs, the first...

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  • Anonymous

another made in chn peice of brick.

  • Anonymous

when will HTC have a 7" phone...haha

  • AdamBoy64

A HTC Eternity model with a landscape QWERTY slider.. would be totally unreal.

  • AnonD-3485

AnonD-4057, 01 Jul 2011I just wish Companies like HTC and Samsung the two main player i... moreHTC and Samsung the two main players on the market? Can't read anymore.

  • AnonD-4057

I just wish Companies like HTC and Samsung the two main player in the market stop this nonsense of GHZ war and instead concentrate on quality of their products.

Given the Samasung Galaxy S2 such a high end device (made of plastic) user interface copied from IOS and many more.

SE Experia Arc (such a looker) made of Plastic and specs no where near any other of its class.

HTC Sensation (Good built quality, lacks on RAM, has small internal memory, and death grip same old design)

Please learn from mistakes of Migapixels war which were between SE and NOKIA. They are both now suffering the highest due to a lowzy product but super built product launchd by Apple which lacked everything.

APPLE 5 coming out soon, Are you ready for it. Apple 4 is still the same price when it was launhced last year.

SG2 was launched last month (i just bought one for £400 sim free) a drop of £150 in a month.

  • A

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2011Super LCD screens kicks the living daylights out of any screen l... moreAfter seeing the kind of colors AMOLED produces, I wouldn't go back to an LCD no matter how big it is.

  • Anonymous

Heh. MSM8255? What a joke.

  • AnonD-1725

Let us wait for the "experts" review & verdict .. sa was the case with the dell streak (like, too big for the phone, what were they thinking, boooo). Will the media assassination be reoccurring again, or .. huh, that the testers might have learned a lesson?

  • AnonD-4697

Mega LOL

TRolls strat to tremble looking for high specs phones for WP7, and this is just the beggining..

Others are going to make more powerful phones, since the OS is looking with good perspectives. Maybe we strat to see a new OS on new shinny phones nad the new market with WP7 Mango will grow since developers, phone makers and the same Microsoft start to believe in WP7...

This will be just competitive and interesting for everyone...Let's see the new arrivals form LG, HTC, Nokia and others....

I see there will be no "puny-crappy" phones for WP7 Mango...

  • AnonD-4697

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2011Snapdragon MS8255 with an Adeno205. This is ancient hardware.WTF you don't know what are you talking about...

Ancient??? Sure buddy, the only problem is you start to look your sweet dream phones over...:P

  • AdamBoy64

angel, 30 Jun 20114.7 inch?? are you kidding me:))) this is a tablet, not a mobi... moreYou'd find 5" phones (eg. the Dell Streak) will fit into the large majority of pockets. Strangely enough, some people carry around 7" Tablets in their pockets.

  • AnonD-4697

Looks like we start to have a new competitive WP7 phones, the battle is just start and WP7 strat to show new arsenal and phone makers start to do better hardware for it...

This will be very interesting

  • ImmI

This is ridiculous, a 4.7 inch screen? That's too big for a smartphone. It's bad enough the Infuse is 4.5 where I thought that screens couldn't get any bigger. To me, 4.3 inches should be the maximum size allowed.

  • Anonymous

A, 30 Jun 2011LCD screen = no thanks.Super LCD screens kicks the living daylights out of any screen larger than 4 inches.

  • Anonymous

It's not a tablet, it's definately a phone. Alot of serious pockettesting have been done by many companies of tablets and phones to determine the "breaksize" between portable pocketphone and a tablet. And the magical number is 5 inch screen. Anything smaller than 5-inch is a phone (if not made as mp4 player on purpose), but definately not with tablet capiblities if it's under 5 inch.

So this HTC phone is most definately a phone. I have a HTC HD7 with a 4.3 inch screen and it's vey comfortable in my jeans pocket, no problems. I could even go fo a little bit larger screen, let's say 4.7 inch :)

  • Anonymous

Simply stupid... One year from now they are going to make phones with 7" screens. That's pathetic already.

  • Mista Calais

what's the battery on this thing? I mean the spec sheet is impressive but will the battery be as bad as the one on the desire HD? I hope they addressed that problem especially with the massive LCD screen and power hungry CPU.

  • A

LCD screen = no thanks.

  • AnonD-5197

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2011a few years ago i thought phones are going to be smaller and sma... moreWell back in the days all people did was call and text. Have you tried surfing the web on 2 inch screens?

  • David893

4.7" is way too big. Even phones like galaxy s2 are too big in my opinion. What is happening? it used to be a pocket friendly calling device and now they are making it as big as tablets just for a better internet experience?