ZTE Axon 7 is no longer in production

29 November 2017
Flagship performance and a high-res AMOLED screen with an affordable price is what made the Axon 7 an appealing phone.

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  • 01 Dec 2017

This is the only 2016-2017 android phone that does not look like cheap Chinese iPhone knockoff at all.

    The Axon 7 was a failure due to poor technical support. The radios were extremely unstable until about HALF A YEAR after its release. Basic features like Do Not Disturb, WiFi Calling, and a fully functional Settings app took A YEAR to fix. Promises for 3rd party ROM support and "listening to the customers" were broken. As an extra F-U, the bootloader was permanently locked and a non-functional kernel was posted as "open source." The radios are again moderately broken again after the last release. Critical security updates for WiFi and Bluetooth remain missing

    You can't release such a broken phone and expect happy customers.

      Wullf, 30 Nov 2017Well you could have bought the mini version, yes specks are... moreBut the problem with the Mini is it's barely smaller than the regular Axon 7 so there's no real reason to get the Mini unless you can't spend the extra $50ish

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        • 30 Nov 2017

        ROFL, 30 Nov 2017nice phone indeed too bad it was another fukin phablet and ... moreWell you could have bought the mini version, yes specks are off because of the processor but it is still a good phone (and you probably didnt buy either). The question is will either phone get an update to 8.anything!

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          • 30 Nov 2017

          nice phone indeed too bad it was another fukin phablet and not a normal size phone.

            Basically, it was definitely an outstanding value for money flagship killer (maybe, even the best one, with the eventual updates). So obviously, let's hope that we'll see an/the Axon 8. Even better specs-wise and overall value.

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              • 30 Nov 2017

              Overall, it was a success.

              I hope ZTE stick to the same formula for 2018: big stereo speakers (and DAC !) and 16:9 screen. I mean if all they do is add IP68 ingress protection and upgrade the SoC to a QSD 845... that would make it better than most competitors.

              I just wish they also shave the bezels, without using lame 18:9 display tricks.
              And maybe have an under-glass fingerprint reader.
              Not to mention a refresh of their cameras, maybe a 8MP for the front, and a single 12MP rear camera.
              I also hope they downgrade to a 1080p OLED display, and upscale to a 4,000mAh battery to have phenomenal (~3 day) battery life.

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                • 30 Nov 2017

                Great Flagship Phone with half the price of what other sells that had SD820. Still have it today and rocking hard.

                Miles better than what OP+, Razer, sells since both either dont have SD Card/3.5mm Jack/Stereo Speakers/Ugly Screen/etc.

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                  • 29 Nov 2017

                  Got my Axon 7 on November 2016, extremely happy with the device. Hopefully ZTE will launch Axon 8 soon.

                    It's a shame ZTE didn't sold bazilions of them.Excellent phone for the money,and best one ZTE ever made.Hopefully,there'll be Axon 8 soon..same recipe,better camera(s),excellent AKM chips(DAC/DSP),Amoled display..only bad thing about was it's OS..

                      Now release Axon8 quickly

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                        • 29 Nov 2017

                        It still is a great phone. Bought it about a month ago and i love it.

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                          • 29 Nov 2017

                          it was a great phone, really :(

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                            • 29 Nov 2017

                            Finally! Looks like they will start producing the successor. Currently using the axon 7 mini version and love it. Aside from minor software issues, best hardware for the money. Looking forward for what they bring to the table. I hope it is soon as I wish to upgrade by the summer.