First Honor 7X flash sale in India saw device going out of stock within seconds

08 December 2017
Registrations for the second flash sale have started, and the sale is set for December 14.

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False info. I noticed until sale ends (till 1 pm), and the maximum claimed device reached up to 86% only.

  • Suraj kumar

Yes correct.. till 12.30pm it was avilable to buy. Company is showing false statement in minute out of stock. Hahaha

  • Sathish

Kyo, 08 Dec 2017It might be the best device in the price range but Huawei c... moreNope.. It is placed as mid ranger, so water resistance is unnecessary here. But USB C addition could be sweeter and it may not require price bump too. You may ask water certifications for V10 or P series that could appreciable!!

  • Kyo

It might be the best device in the price range but Huawei could have increased the price by $50 and added USB type c and some water resistance.That combination would have been a killer.

  • Anonymous

Totally false. I visited after 20-25 min later and only black 32gb version was out of stock.. other colour and 64gb version was in stock and sold 50-60 %.

No the device had been selling for at least 30 minutes. I visit page at 12:30 and blue version was only 80% sold which was maximum. Black and gold were even less sold.