Huawei Enjoy 7S specs and live images leak

11 December 2017
The upcoming Huawei midranger will have Kirin 659 chipset and Android Oreo.

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  • Z

Positive thing I see in this phone is 5.6 inch full View display.
Every other phone is just 6 inch with 18:9 ratio.

  • rich watarious

I hope this phone too would have the good price it should have and I love the screen size but hate the battery capacity if it is really true to be 2900 mAh. It should at least be 3500 mAh to enjoy. Please Huawei don't fail us in the battery compartment. please!!!

  • rich watarious

wow, Indeed I swear the way Huawei is going they could attain the first position because I see it coming so soon. This last quarter of 2017 is the time for Huawei to shine High. Great phones with good prices with fullview screens. I love Huawei and I am loving Huawei more and more this 3 months.

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2017If it is in fact a huwawei then why the heck is it branded ... moreLook closely its huawei I thought it was samsung too but its huawei

Huawei flooding the market and gsmarena is taking some time to load on chrome mobile

  • Anonymous

If it is in fact a huwawei then why the heck is it branded samsung at the bottom bezel!

  • Anonymous

How many models of these bezel-less look phones Huawei going to produce? They are launching new models every week, like a ritual ceremony for good luck? Stop the madness of their love for phones, now all your phones seems desperate to be a wannabe

  • AnonD-691243

wow! can't wait for this to ship!